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So I've been playing Emerald for a week or so, and my Pokemon team are levels 25-40. In the Pokènav under the condition tab, the little pentagon thing hasn't grown or shifted at all for any Pokemon since I first got it. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to beat the E4 first?

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The Pentagon you're referring to is a device to help you in the Pokemon Contests. This allows you to view their attributes I.e. Cool, Beauty, Cute, Smart, and Tough. This Pentagon serves no purpose outside of the Pokemon contest. Now if you would like to see the Pentagon move, you'd have to feed your Pokemon pokeblocks to move it towards the respective attribute I.e. giving your Pokemon a red Pokeblock would increase its coolness. Hope this helps :D


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>The PokéNav checks the Cool, Beauty, Cute, Smart, and Tough condition of Pokémon in detail. It can be set to search only through party Pokémon, or all Pokémon owned combined.

You must have not have changed their contest stats.


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