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In Pokémon Go, Vaporeon increased from 84 HP to 101 and around 450 CP to 650. I used him at one friendly and capturing two enemy Gyms. Also I went up 2 or 3 levels starting around 12, but only the Pokés I fought most seem affected and only this one changed a lot. It attacked more gyms. Is that supposed to make them stronger???

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I think your train your pokemon by fighting friendly gyms, not sure though

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Did you power it up, if not it must have been from the friendly or enemy gyms. Hoped this helped.

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Thank you.  Niantic does not explain the power up feature well and I thought it was a temporary change rather than permanent.  Thank you.
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I put my Vaporeon on a gym last week and when I checked it after a couple of days, its CP had increased by 211. I didn't level up as a trainer while it was defending, but would have been unable to power it up myself anyway, as you can't do anything with your Pokemon while they're sitting on a gym.

I have only found a few posts from players about this happening. I know some Pokemon have had their CP boosted to balance things out etc., but I thought it meant the CP cap had been raised, not that they could be boosted just by sitting in your inventory or whilst defending a gym.

I have now further powered up my Vaporeon to 1904 and, according to the CP arc, there is still room to power up a little more when I get enough stardust. I took over a gym this morning and have placed my Vaporeon on it. I'm hoping more team members will place some strong Pokemon there too, so I can see if it happens again before getting kicked off.

Maybe it was a one-time boost to help with the balancing out issue? We'll see.

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