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Lets say I catch a Pidgey with 10CP. I then catch a Pidgey with 60CP. The weaker Pidgey will take more power ups to reach its max of course, but if I keep powering up both Pidgeys until the game won't let me, will they have the same CP, or are there other hidden values?

No, there's a whole concept of IVs on Pokemon GO. I'm not sure how it works out and all since I don't play it that much but you can surely find it on google.

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No, just like normal Pokemon games, Pokemon Go has an IV system, which means that two Pokemon of the same species won't have the same max CP. You can have your Pokemon rated by your team leader (for example, Blanche if you're on team mystic) to get a general sense of how good/bad your Pokemon's IVs are, or you can go online and use a calculator (like the one on the silphroad. com) to figure out exactly what your Pokemon's IVs (Or Individual Values) are.

Hope this helps!