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For my Golbat. I know it's more than 7.


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Most Pokemon evolve after they hit 220 happiness.
There's not a certain level a Pokemon evolves by happiness by, but if you just want a crobat, I think I can help.

Here's a list of things to make your Pokemon happier(In B/W):

Possitive happiness:
1:Catching your Pokemon in a luxury ball: 1.5 X happiness level.
2:Giving your Pokemon a sothe bell: 1.5 X the happiness level.
3:Walking 256 steps: +1/unknown.For 0-99,100-199,and 200-max level.
4:Massage person in Castelina city:+3 for 0-99,100-199,and 200-max level.
5.Using stat vitamins:0-99:+5,100-199:+3,and 200-max:+2.
6:Leveling up your Pokemon:0-99:+5 or +6,100-199:+3 or +4,200-max:+2 or +3.
7:Useing an EV berry:0-99:+10,100-199:+5,and 200-max:+2.

Negative Happiness:
2:Giving your Pokemon energy powder:0-199:-5 and 200-max:10.
3:Giving your Pokemon heal powder: same as giving your Pokemon energy powder.
4:Giving your Pokemon Energy root:0-199:-10 and 200-max:-15.
5:Giving your Pokemon revival herb:0-199:-15 and 200-max:-20

Trading your Pokemon resets it's happiness level to 0.

My tip: Catch your Pokemon in a luxury ball and get a sothe bell from the lady in Nimbasa.

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Depends. You could never get it to max happiness if you keep letting you faint. Its also possible to get the evolution in one level as I have had my Golbat evolve into a Crobat at level 23.

Conclusion- Min=1 level / Max=99 level