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I was cruisin' in the passenger seat the other day playing some Pokémon GO when I see a rare, grey, unclaimed Gym. I get the driver to make a right and we mosey on up to this Gym. Unfortunately two Instinct players roll up and claim the gym. My Pokémon are no match for their Gyarados and Exeggutor, and we drive off.

What strikes me as odd is that this Gym is in the middle of the downtown area. A very busy place, with multiple Gyms at maximum prestige. Was this a newly-spawned Gym, or had it simply avoided the public eye until the exact same moment me and the Instinct players saw it?

I know you can apply for certain things to be added into Pokemon Go has pokestops and stuff but Idk how it works. You have to be part of a business or gov., something important like that Idk. But new gyms do spawn periodically I think. I read somewhere on their site at one point about being able to submit a request to add a location to the in-game map before Pokemon Go was even released, but I can't find it so I won't answer.
I can't confirm but I read somewhere all the pokestops and gyms copy the same locations as Ninatic's older game Ingress.
So that's where I read it from.
I know sumwun, but the probability of an empty Gym in the middle of a city, plus the fact that the other team and I showed  up at the exact same time, made me question if it had actually been there since the game's launch. Maybe it was just luck.

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It's already 4 days since those 2 other answers were posted, and the fact that you commented 3 days ago so you must have seen them probably means you aren't satisfied with them, so I'll try to answer this myself.

As the other answer said, the gym was ignored until you saw it. The other one said that Ninatic added more gyms without announcement. I have another answer.

When I play Pokemon Go, I usually play it in my bus home from school. There was this one time, I passed a gym that was so easy to defeat, just a cp 47 (somewhere near 47) Butterfree. I defeated the gym (yay). However, when the battle was over my bus went too far and I thought it was rude to ask my driver back especially since there were other people in the bus, so I beated a gym without claiming it for Mystic :( but atleast I got experience. Perhaps the gym you saw was defeated but not claimed because the person who defeated it was in a hurry or went too far in a vehicle.

Hope I helped!

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probably ignored until you and them saw it

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Probably not. Last time I checked you couldn't request a gym anymore on the official website. Unless they changed it or someone from Niantic spawned it.