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I feel I have a really good team in ORAS. I have a Weavile, Chandelure, Espeon, and Milotic. In my team, I feel Aerodactyl and Garchomp have a lot of the same moves. So I need to Decide to use Garchomp or Aerodactyl.

Garchomp has Sand Veil and is holding Leftovers, knows Sandstorm, Stone Edge, Earthquake, and Dragon Rush.

Aerodactyl has Pressure and is holding Aerodactylite, knows Stone edge, Earthquake, Stealth Rock, and Roost.

Both of them are Super Trained for Speed and Attack.

I'm not looking for anything too competitive. Any recommendations would be helpful, but I would like to know which one I should use on my team.


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Looking at what you have on your team I immediately thought Garchomp. That's because you don't have anything that resists rock, and Aerodactyl is weak to rock. Aerodactyl is also weak to electric, and you don't have anything that resists electric too. You also have a strong fast attacker already in Weavile. So in other words, Garchomp fits into this team considerably better.

Another thought is that Garchomp doesn't usually need rock-move coverage since Ground/Dragon is really good by itself, so you might want to use something like Swords Dance, Substitute or Stealth Rock in that slot.