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I'm going to train a raichu, but I don't know whether to make it physical or special. It's base stats for atk and sp.atk are the same, so that doesn't help. If you would, also leave a moveset.

Pysical. Fake Out, knock off, volt tackle and thunder wave.
Isnt volt tackle an event/egg move exclusive?
Physical Pikachu is better than Physical Raichu because of the Light Ball.
Special better , in case u got burned

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I would say Special, because Raichu's physical attack base level can't compare with most physically strong based Pokemon.

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Personally I prefer physical raichu because it can be very helpful by knocking off items or using Fake Out to break sturdy and Focus Sash.Anyway the moveset:
Item:Choice Band
EVs:252 Attack/252 Speed/4 HP
Fake Out
Volt Tackle
Knock Off
Iron Tail

I wouldnt put a choice item on a pokemon running fake out, but you do you man.
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physical: raichu expert belt evs 252 def 252 spdef 4 atk nature adamantant

  • volt tackle or wild charge
  • thunder punch
  • fake out
  • brick break

special:raichu magnet 252 def and spdef 4 atk

  1. t-bolt
  2. volt switch
  3. nasty plot
    4.hp ice or signal beam

mixed:raichu focus sash evs 4 hp 252 def and spdef

  • t-bolt
  • volt tackle / wild charge /t-punch
  • hp ice
  • brick break

i don't care which one I use all of them are good but it is up to you then

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Well in your special moveset I think you should remove Nasty Plot because
if you use it while holding Choice Specs you will be locked in Nasty Plot