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Is Heat Crash the most powerful attack for Emboar, or is there another, stronger Fire attack that he can have?
I really don't think there is because Emboar's Heat Crash usually one hit KOs Duckletts (Water-type) that are 5 levels above him, and same for Drillburs.

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Well, no, not really. At Lv 62 Emboar learns Flare Blitz. It's 120 Base Power, which is the same as the most powerful Heat Crash. It also does consistent damage, while Heat Crash's power will fluctuate. However, Flare Blitz can only be learned at a high level, and for most of the game you will have Heat Crash.

In-game, Heat Crash does just fine. My Emboar had Heat Crash and he obliterated. But, if you want a move with a consistently higher base power, then Flare Blitz is technically the strongest move Emboar can learn.

Thanks, but Flare Blitz gives recoil so i dont think i want to use that
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yea duckletts and drilburs are lightweights compared to emboar (you can check their weight all on their respective pokedex pages) and since heat crash's power is weight based, it does a lot of damage. When you start going up against evolved heavier Pokemon it starts to lose its effectiveness. I ttypically keep it on my emboar then replace it when emboar learns flare blitz

okay thx m8.
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Heat Crash is a decent move, but I wouldn't recommend using it unless you're going up aganist lightweight opponents. See Heat Crash's power is based on how heavy the opposing Pokemon is compared to Emboar. Emboar weighs 330lbs or 150.0kg so the lowest amount of damage you can do is 40+ STAB if you go up against a more heavier Pokemon. Now say if you're up against as heavy as a Mega Steelix then you're going to be putting out little damage. As for the ducklett situation, most underleveled Pokemon are going to faint from higher leveled Pokemon. Drilbur has really terrible defenses and Fire type moves kill Excadrill. Hoped this helped :)


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It is based on the users weight compared to the opposing pokemon, not vice versa.
^This. Also, the Duckletts are 5 Levels above Emboar (although they have abysmal defenses so it doesn't really matter).
Heat crash does less damage if the target is heavier.
I'm so sorry, I read the movedex wrong >.< but I fixed my answer