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I was travelling in Mt. Cornet and a pokemon attacked me. It was a zubat but it was green, why?

I don't know why it was green

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Did you catch it?
if you did that's great!

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It was a shiny pokemon. The chances of catching/finding a shiny pokemon are 1/8192, so they are exetremely rare. So if you caught it, congrats, you have an exetremely rare pokemon:), if not, hopefuly you can find another extremely rare shiny pokemon and catch that one. Also, TORTERRA RULES!

YEP, TORTERRA OWNS ALL STARTERS except Swampert beats him and Charizard is about equal, maybe a little worse
Technically torterra would pwns swampert do to type and he would pwn charizard with stone edge
Charizard kills everything in its path. Not even a lv 100 rock type Arceus would be able to beat my invincible Charizard. I also like rattatta for some odd reason.
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You encountered a EXTREMELY rare super-duper ultra shiny ZUBAT!

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Itts a shiny pokemon I once saw a green golbat only one difference.... I caught it