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Should I get an oddish or a tentacool
I'm playing heart gold right now and I need to pick between an oddish or a tentacool as a supporter. They are both infected with pokerus.
I need reasons on each, this would be a great help.

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You don't need any supporters in a in-game play through ingame is all hyper offense- fast Pokemons that hit harder than anyone else, you don't need moves like toxic and t wave for example, and u use sleep powder or spore to catch Pokemon. However, pkm is super easy so you can pick whatever Pokemon you like and win the game

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+Higher Defense
+Gets Chlorophyll
+Two different evos (I guess that's a good thing? I'm not sure)

-Evolves via stone so its a pain to get
-More weaknesses
-Less HP / Special Defense

+Higher Special Defense /Higher HP
+Can get Surf
+More resistances
+Gets Toxic Spikes

-I can't think of any

Overall, I'd go with Tentacool. Just watch out for physical attacks, its base Defense is pretty low.

Hope I helped!

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It does a lot thank you