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I have both a flying and water type in my team, but I also have an empty space meant for a healer, that I never got. I want to keep five Pokemon on my team so it will be stronger, but I won't say no to gyrados if it's worth it
My team:

And it's for a playthrough on heartgold

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Smaller teams are usually stronger than bigger teams because Pokemon on smaller teams get more experience. I recommend putting both Quagsire and Crobat in a PC and using Gyarados.
don't use the red gyarados.
Quagsire, cmon english aint my first language
sumwun... yes, but i need a ground and poison type, and raising a nidokind/queen wont be the best idea....
I don't think you need a ground or poison type. Why do you think you need them?

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I say use it and replace Quagsire. Since it is for an in game play through, using attacking Pokemon is gonna be much better than defensive ones because of potion spamming. Also, intimidate would really help a lot especially against Dragonite lord, Lance. You don't need to have a healer since you can use potions during a battle and it always go first before the enemy attacks. Give it a moveset of dragon dance, waterfall, ice Fang and whatever you want the last move to be but make sure it's a physical attack

To add onto this, I think the last move should be Earthquake for electric types.
Hmmmm, ok, I will but I'll also put quagsire in the day care, just in case....