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Share your best in-game teams for Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver on this thread! Your team should be aimed toward making casual runs of the game efficient, enjoyable and hassle-free.

Before submitting yours, please read the following guidelines and make adjustments where they fit.

  • Include your recommended Pokemon in your answer, each with recommended moves for use throughout the playthrough. You can include items, abilities, EVs, or natures, but they are not necessary.

  • Remember that players may be unable to access certain Pokemon, such as those restricted by version exclusivity or trade evolutions. If you'd like to suggest a Pokemon like this, please mention alternative/s.

  • Take into account that most players do not want to abuse glitches or the random number generator, or use cheating devices, such as Action Replay. Please do not recommend abusing any of these.

  • Please post original teams. Do not post teams made by other people, such as Youtubers.

  • Consider the unspoken rules of in-game teams, such as to keep the starter on the team, include six Pokemon, or avoid legendaries. You're welcome to suggest otherwise but, again, it's kind to include other options.

  • Provide explanation and detail. Justify your Pokemon and moveset choices; possible discussion points include ease-of-use, team synergy and coverage for key battles.

  • Submit your team as an answer, not a comment. To keep things tidy, we will remove any teams posted as comments in this thread. If you simply want to update your post, use the 'edit' button.

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This is my team and it works very well (At least for me)=
-Eruption=Good move when HP is full.
-Blast Burn/Fire Blast=A nice 150 BP but needs to rest after or Fire Blast still good BP of 120 but not very good accuracy
-Flamethrower=One of the best FIRE type moves
-Focus Blast=Coverage against Rock types.
Inner Focus
U-Turn=Good bug move and for a little bit of damage and then switch out.
Fly=Very good for in-game and makes you able to Fly in any familiar town.
Toxic=Bit of damage every turn
Roost=More health.

-Sleep Powder=Puts foe to sleep
-Sunny Day=Charges Solar Beam up and works well with ability
-Psychic=Good psychic type move
-Solar Beam=Good grass type move and has a very nice base power of 120.

Ability=Shell Armor/Water Absorb
-Hydro Pump=Good and strong water type move
-Surf=Good water type move and very handy in-game
-Ice Beam=Ice move
-Protect=No damage.

-Signal Beam=A very common move on Ampharos
-ThunderBolt=Elettric move with 95 BP and 100 accuracy
-Thunder Wave=Cripple some fast Pokemon
-Flash/Light Screen=Flash will come in handy in the game and is for cutting foes accuracy or Light Screen for making your team more resistant (In Special Defense) for 5 turns.

This is your choice and which one you like the most.I really would go for Nidoking because you don't have enough elettric coverage but is still your choice.
-Earth Quake=Must have ground type move 100 BP and 100 Acc.
-Megahorn=Good for him and gives you coverage against grass types
-Stealth Rock=I Know what you are thinking but this could be very handy when beating
The Elite Four and Red.
-Poison Jab=For the poison type that he has.

Ability=Inner Focus
-Earthquake=Coverage against Ice and Rock.
-Roost= More health
-Outrage=Good dragon move but after use it makes you Confused
-Dragon Dance=Boosts Speed (+1) and Attack (+1).

Hope that this helps out.

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I mean,lapras is a good choice but gyarados is a bit better because it has the better total and you can catch it somewhat the same time you get surf and catch it
Suggestion: on Lapras sub out protect for perish song as it comes in clutch
Crobat is worse than Haunter. Haunter is easier to evolve, and its special attack is higher than both of Crobat's attack stats. Haunter can learn more useful moves, like psychic and energy ball.
Exeggutor is worse than Kadabra and Girafarig. Kadabra is much easier to evolve, and Girafarig is already fully evolved. Both have higher speed, less weaknesses, and learn psychic at lower levels.
Lapras is worse than Gyarados. Gyarados has higher physical attack and learns dragon dance, which lets it sweep entire teams more easily.
Nidoking is worse than Graveler. Rock is super effective against more stuff than poison, and resistances to normal and flying are very useful in HGSS. Graveler learns earthquake earlier. Rock polish and rollout it easier to sweep teams.
A lot of Pokemon resist all 4 moves on this Typhlosion. It should use return, hyper beam, or earthquake instead of fire blast/blast burn to hit more stuff with neutral effectiveness.
Ampharos's special attack is high enough to OHKO most opponents, so flash and light screen are not that useful. I think it's better to use focus blast or power gem and OHKO even more opponents.
if you're using haunter or kadabra, evolve them. but if you're using an emulator and can't trade evolve (like me UwU) crobat is good however replace exceggutor. i suggest tangrowth, really bulky. also it can cover flying weakness with ancient power and helps a lot when healing another member
Kadabra and Haunter are more useful than Crobat, Exeggutor, and Tangrowth even when you can't trade. Tangrowth takes a lot of damage from special moves, and ancient power is pretty useless when the opponent is not weak to rock. Tangrowth also relies too much on solar beam, so it's worse than many of the Pokemon that can do a lot of damage without charging or using sunny day.
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Here are a preview of the team: Feraligatr, Furret, Crobat, Sunflora, Aggron, Arcanine/Ninetales.

Totodile(Water) Lv18 → Croconaw(Water) Lv30 → Feraligatr(Water)
Ability: Torrent
Moveset: [Surf][Waterfall][Earthquake][Ice Beam]

He will be your starter and the surfer of the team. Surf is the best Water-type move I think. Waterfall is HM. Earthquake to cover Electric-type weakness. Ice Beam to cover Grass-type weakness.

Sentret(Normal) Lv15 → Furret(Normal)
Ability: Run Away
Moveset: [Rock Smash][Whirlipool][Cut][Strength]

Nothing to say. He is only a slave.

Zubat(Poison/Flying) Lv22 → Golbat(Poison/Flying) Lv↑ with high friendship(220) → Crobat(Poison/Flying)
Ability: Inner Focus
Moveset: [Fly][Cross Poison][Steel Wing][Shadow Ball/U-turn]

He will be you flyer. Fly helps you to travel around Johto and Kanto(after NationalDex). Cross Poison gains STAB. Steel Wing is Rock- and Ice-type coverage. Shadow Ball or U-turn is Psychic-type coverage. It's your choice. He may help you A LOT because Aggron is really, really weak to Fighting-types and Ground-types. Fighting-types is 4x not very effective in Crobat and Ground-types don't affect the Crobat!

Sunkern(Grass) Sun Stone → Sunflora(Grass)
Ability: Chlorophyll
Moveset: [Sunny Day][Solar Beam][Earth Power][Hidden Power(Rock)/Return]

I like this Pokemon. Sunny Day may help you get a little of speed and attack normaly because she is really slower... Solar Beam + Sunny Day = Great Combo. Earth Power to get some Steel-, Fire- and Poison-types. Hidden Power(Rock) is to coverage Ice-, Fire-, Bug-, Flying-type weakness or Return if you can't get Hidden Power (Rock).

Aron(Steel/Rock) Lv32 → Lairon(Steel/Rock) Lv42 → Aggron(Steel/Rock)
Ability: Rock Head
Moveset: [Solar Beam][Rock Climb][Head Smash][Iron Tail]

Your rock climber. Solar Beam is for Ground- and Water-types. Try to get the rest of Sunny Day of Sunflora, Arcanine/Ninetales and k.o. in 1 turn. Rock Climb is HM. Head Smash gains STAB plus Rock Head protects him from being k.o.ed by recoil. Iron Tail gains STAB too. I would recomend use Zoom Lens as a item making Solar Beam 120% accuracy, Rock Climb 105% accuracy, Head Smash 100% accuracy and Iron Tail 95% accuracy that will help you so MUCH.

Growlithe(Fire) Fire Stone → Arcanine(Fire)
Ability: Flash Fire
Moveset: [Solar Beam][Fire Blast/Flare Blitz/Heat Wave/Flamethrower][Dragon Pulse][Sunny Day]

He is for HeartGold. Solar Beam is to coverage Water-, Ground- and Rock-type weakness. Fire Blast is a strong move but have low accuracy. Flare Blitz is other strong move but takes recoil. If you don't like recoils or missing you may put Heat Wave or Flamethrower that have more accuracy but with a bit lower power compared to Heat Wave. Dragon Pulse is to help attack the Dragon-types. Why need Dragon Pulse for Dragon-types? Is because Solar Beam and Flare Blitz or Heat Wave are not very effective on Dragon-types... Sunny Day is to support your Fire-type attack and to make Solar Beam in 1 turn.

Vulpix(Fire) Fire Stone → Ninetales(Fire)
Ability: Flash Fire
Moveset:[Solar Beam][Fire Blast/Flare Blitz/Heat Wave/Flamethrower][Extrasensory][Sunny Day]

She is for SoulSilver. Solar Beam is to coverage Water-, Ground- and Rock-type weakness. Fire Blast is a strong move but have low accuracy. Flare Blitz is other strong move but takes recoil. Heat Wave is other option if you don't like recoils and missing. Flamethrower will be other option. Have more accuracy than Heat Wave but have a bit lower power than Heat Wave. Extrasensory is much good because have base 80 power and with 30 pps! Sunny Day is for help the Solar Beam and the Fire Blast or Flare Blitz or Heat Wave or Flamethrower.

Need to say where are the Pokemon and when/where you can get the move/tm/hm? If need is just put a comment saying: "need" to I put here.

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SolarBeam on Aggron makes me sad
mate, Aggron is a Physical attacker so swap solar beam with double edge. also slap a Quick Claw on Aggron because of its low speed
You just can't "slap" an item on any Pokémon, and Quick Claw in general is a bad item because of you can't rely on it much. (I first wrote "irritability" lol)
@Assault Ποσειδώνας, I use the word 'slap' as a figure of speech. I mean zero violence. Also I think your name is really cool even though I am unsure if there is an English translation for it. Would you suggest maybe a Choice Scarf on Aggron Instead? Even though it locks you into one move it does give you a speed increase.
Oh lol I know you used it as a figure of speech what I meant was that you can't put any item on anything xd.
And oh thanks! It translates to Poseidon in English, who was the God of the Seas and Earthquakes and plenty of other things in Greek Mythology.
And Scarf is kinda good if you need speed, but I'll really go with Leftovers, but again, this is for in-game, and so I'm completely on the black side (but Quick Claw remains a little meh still).
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So I'm making a Totodile based team since he has the widest movepool and being my personal favorite :) Also the levels are appropriate for the last Kanto gym, not the elite 4 :P

Feraligatr Lv. 55

  • Waterfall
  • Ice Fang
  • Chrunch
  • EQ / Brick Break / Rock Slide

Feraligatr is an awesome Physical attacker that can also take hits very well, with its moves it covers many types including Lance's darn Dragonites :P
Crobat Lv. 55

  • Fly
  • Cross Poison
  • Confuse Ray
  • Toxic

Ive decided to take advantage of Crobat's ridiculous speed by giving it some useful status moves to make it more of a defensive Pokemon rather then a sweeper, Fly is for STAB and In-game use and Cross Poison for STAB
Bellossom Lv. 55

  • Sunny Day
  • Solar Beam
  • Sleep Powder
  • Giga Drain / Sludge Bomb

Bellossom is a great Pokemon that can take hits aswell as causing trouble to Any Pokemon, With its chlorophyll ability it really takes advantage of Sunny day with Solar beam striking in 1 turn instead of 2, Sleep Powder can get you the time you need to setup Sunny day and Giga Drain or Sludge bomb is for healing or Type coverage
Magneton Lv. 55

  • Thunderbolt / Discharge
  • Flash Cannon
  • Thunder Wave
  • Reflect / Light Screen

While its Evolution Magnezone is unavailible in this game(unless you trade and evolve it in an appropriate game) magneton is still a great Pokemon which can deal hits and take them, Thunderbolt or discharge is STAB, Same with Flash cannon, Thunder Wave is a great status move and so are the screens (You can choose them depending on your teams defense/SP Defense)
Flareon Lv. 55

  • Fire Fang
  • Dig
  • Quick Attack
  • Will-O-Wisp / Iron Tail

Flareon is often an overlooked option because of its short movepool however I find it fits perfectly in this team, Fire Fang is STAB, Dig is coverage(Look out for EQ's though!!), Quick Attack is priority and Will-O-Wisp is a great status move or Iron tail being even more coverage even though its accuracy is pretty bad
Heracross Lv. 55

  • Close Combat
  • Megahorn
  • Stone Edge
  • Night Slash

Heracross is simply an awesome attacker with awesome moves!

Nice team. I’d replace bellossom with nidoking, replace magneton with ampharos and maybe change Crobat for a dragon so you have something to use vs lance other than the gatr. Main reason is because if it was to go down, your screwed.
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This thread had 65 answers before this one, and all of them say sludge bomb is the only thing worth getting on Route 43? This is slightly disappointing.

This team was made to defeat Lance. I didn't worry about Red, because going from Lance to Red is mostly just boring level grinding regardless of your team. I guess you can use Snorlax instead of Tauros and use post-game moves like bounce and stone edge if you want your grind to be slightly less boring. In addition to the restrictions in the original post, I put these on myself because I think they make the game more fun. You will obviously want a different team if you use different restrictions.

The team must have at least 4 battling Pokemon.
Those 4 Pokemon must be from different evolution families.
The battle style must be set.
You cannot select the bag in trainer battles.

Cyndaquil -> Quilava -> Typhlosion @ shell bell/charcoal/choice specs
EVs: 100 SpA
- tackle -> quick attack -> headbutt -> swift -> hyper beam
- ember -> flame wheel -> lava plume -> flamethrower
- fire blast -> focus blast
- dig

The starter's job is getting you from New Bark Town to Route 43. More specifically, it must defeat Morty, because that is required to surf on Route 43. Chikorita is obviously the worst for the job, as Bayleef's highest attack stat is only 63, and all of its STAB moves get resisted by Li's, Falkner's, Bugsy's, the rival's, and Morty's Pokemon. Totodile works great in the late game, because it learns some moves that are super effective against many Pokemon in the last 3 gyms and Pokemon League. However, this team makes the starter pretty useless after reaching Route 43, regardless of how many coverage moves it learns. Before Route 43, Croconaw's STAB moves are significantly weaker than Quilava's. This is why I think Cyndaquil, which learns fire blast from the Department Store, is the best at getting you from New Bark Town to Route 43.

The fire attacks besides fire blast are Cyndaquil's strongest moves before fire blast, and they remain useful when you want an attack that has high accuracy or PP. Fire blast is for Whitney, the rival, and Morty. Dig covers fire and rock and saves a bit of money on escape ropes. Focus blast covers rock and some other things that resist fire. The normal attacks are there because Typhlosion's coverage moves kind of suck, and there are a bunch of Pokemon that resist fire, ground, and fighting.

This team does not need an electric Pokemon for the rival (despite Quilava's type disadvantage) or a fighting Pokemon for Whitney (despite the fact that Whitney is a meme). If you use only Cyndaquil in every battle before Route 43, then it will earn all the experience, and it can easily go above level 27 or 28 before Whitney. At those levels, its charcoal-boosted fire blast will 2HKO Whitney's Miltank and the rival's Croconaw. Cyndaquil's most difficult battle is probably the rival in Azalea Town, because it's before fire blast. Luckily, the dumb programming makes his Croconaw spam scary face, even after it's already faster than your Quilava, so you have plenty of turns to win with your not very effective flame wheel.

Magikarp -> Gyarados @ silk scarf/mystic water
EVs: 100 Atk
- surf -> waterfall
- strength
- flail/ice fang
- dragon dance

This is the Pokemon that you catch on Route 43, not the Lake of Rage. When you surf on this route, it is not possible to find anything between levels 26 and 49, but it is possible to find a level 50 Magikarp. (thanks to Speedrun.com's HGSS manipless glitchless category for telling me about these levels when they were not on Bulbapedia) So you can put any Pokemon between levels 26 and 50 in your first slot and use some repels, and it should be pretty easy to find this Magikarp in 3 or 4 minutes. Then use one rare candy, and you have a level 51 Gyarados before the fifth gym. It is very possible that the specific combination of Typhlosion, Gyarados, Heracross, Tauros, Krabby, and Farfetch'd is not the best team in HGSS, but I don't think anyone can seriously argue that any other Pokemon in HGSS is better than this level 51 Gyarados.

Strength is Gyarados's strongest move before waterfall, and it remains useful for covering stuff that resists waterfall. Surf covers stuff that resists strength. Waterfall is Gyarados's strongest STAB move. Dragon dance raises Gyarados's game-breaking physical attack to even more game-breaking amounts. You can use ice fang if you think strength is not doing enough damage against grass and dragon.

Gyarados can solo any trainer battle between Route 43 and Lance using only strength, surf, waterfall, and dragon dance. It doesn't need ice fang, items, or EVs. It doesn't even need to reach level 52. I included the extra unnecessary stuff just to optimize this moveset a little bit. I'd say the most difficult battles (ie. the ones that require the most luck to solo) are Will and Karen. Both of them lead with confuse ray users, so it's dangerous to use more than one dragon dance against them. Both have another Pokemon that can survive any move after one dragon dance and then use hypnosis or stun spore.

Because Typhlosion and Gyarados can handle all of the major battles, the next 2 Pokemon have 2 jobs: counting toward the 6 Pokemon requirement in the original post, and effortlessly defeating regular trainers. Consequently, I want Pokemon that are not too difficult to catch, can be caught at a high level, do not share types with my other battlers, have a strong attack stat without needing to evolve (or evolves very soon after getting caught), and can learn strong moves.

Heracross @ black belt
Ability: guts
EVs: 100 Spe
- brick break
- shadow claw
- swords dance/aerial ace
- counter -> close combat

According to the above criteria, Heracross is one of the best. It can be found at levels 25 to 30 in the trees on Route 47, and its physical attack is 125.

Brick break is an useful STAB move that has more PP than close combat and does not lower any stats. Shadow claw covers psychic and ghost. Swords dance raises physical attack, but I recommend using it only if you're hopelessly addicted to Voltorb Flip for some weird reason. Regular people should use aerial ace, which covers bug. Close combat is obviously a very powerful STAB move.

Tauros @ soothe bell/silk scarf
Ability: intimidate
EVs: 100 Atk
- horn attack -> return
- strength -> earthquake
- zen headbutt
- iron tail/payback

Tauros is another Pokemon that fits the criteria that I mentioned earlier. It can be found at level 20 or 24 in the tall grass on Route 48, and it has 100 base physical attack.

Strength and return are Tauros's strongest STAB moves. Horn attack can help you save PP while it is still stronger than return. Earthquake covers rock and steel, and the other moves cover other things. Note that the TM23 iron tail (and none of the other TMs in this answer) is obtainable only once in the whole game, so I added payback as an alternative move in case you don't want to use the TM23 on this Tauros.

- rock smash
- cut
- surf
- whirlpool

Krabby is obtainable before using any HMs and can learn 5 different HMs without evolving, so Krabby is the single best HM slave in HGSS. One move that Krabby can't learn is waterfall, and that is not a problem because Gyarados uses it.

- cut
- fly

Of all the Pokemon that are obtainable before Cianwood City, Farfetch'd is the only one that can learn fly and another HM without evolving or sketching. This is why I think Farfetch'd is the best fly slave in this game.

These are the Pokemon and items that I recommend picking up when using this team. They are listed in order by how early they become accessible, but you probably don't want to get them in this exact order. For example, you can buy carbos early, but they're pretty useless until you get Heracross much later in the game.

New Bark Town: Cyndaquil, tell Mom to save money until she buys a silk scarf
Route 32: shell bell, old rod
Cherrygrove City: Krabby
Azalea Town: charcoal
Ilex Forest: headbutt tutor
Goldenrod City: bicycle
Department Store: calcium, carbos, protein, TM15 hyper beam, TM27 return, TM38 fire blast, TM52 focus blast
National Park: soothe bell, TM28 dig
Ecruteak City: dowsing MCHN, rare candy
Cherrygrove City: mystic water
Route 32: heart scale
Route 38: Farfetch'd
Route 42: TM65 shadow claw
Route 43: Magikarp
Lake of Rage: black belt, choice specs
Route 30: exp. share
Route 47: Heracross
Route 48: Tauros
Olivine City: TM23 iron tail
Department Store: amulet coin
Blackthorn City: move reminder
Tohjo Falls: heart scale
Victory Road: TM26 earthquake

Farfetch'd, Heracross, and Tauros also have pretty low catch rates, so you might want a sleep user (like Slowpoke) and some fast balls to make them easier to catch.

That was the team. Please post a comment if you have questions or you think there are any ways to improve this team.

Johto is the only region where having not a whole team of six makes some sort of sense
Your team is awesome, though I'm not sure about Tauros, and didn't you mention something about repeating types, and If I'm right, both Krabby and Gyrados are water type.
Krabby is just a HM slave, you probably aren't going to be using it in battle so it doesn't really matter what type it is.
@Waluigi Not having a whole team of 6 makes sense in every game in the first 4 generations. If you have enough experience to raise 6 Pokemon to level 50, then you can use that same experience to raise 2 Pokemon to level 72 or 1 Pokemon to level 90. I'm pretty sure a level 90 Pokemon is stronger than a full team of level 50 Pokemon. I know less about experience mechanics in later games, but I do know that almost all record-holding speedruns use only one Pokemon at a time. They stop using all their old Pokemon each time they get a new one.
@Gatik Why are you not sure about Tauros? What Pokemon do you think is better?
That's because in speed runs you know what will and won't kill every single Pokemon. You got it down to a point where you know what will work and what won't
I think a majority of Pokemon, including every starter in every game, can solo the Pokemon League when they're 20 levels higher than the champion. Just make sure your Pokemon's stats aren't below average and it can learn a STAB move with at least 80 base power, and you should be fine.
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For SoulSilver:
Meganium - Starter
Ability: Overgrowth

  • Cut - Needed to make game simple
  • Rock Slide - Helps against Flying, Ice, & Fire types
  • Giga Drain - Strong and restores health, but obtained late in game
  • Petal Dance - Powerful and learned early in game

Ability: Static

  • Power Gem - Type coverage, strong, accurate
  • Signal Beam - Type coverage, strong, accurate
  • Discharge - Gets STAB and has a 30% chance to paralyze
  • Charge - Raises Special Defense and doubles Discharge

Entei - Legendary, but can be obtained early in the game
Ability - Pressure

  • Strength - Needed outside of battle, powerful type coverage
  • Dig - Help against Rock types, powerful
  • Fire Fang - Gets STAB and may cause flinching
  • Flamethrower - Powerful, accurate, gets STAB

Gyarados - Red Gyarados
Ability - Intimidate

  • Waterfall - Gets STAB and is needed outside of battle, may cause flinching
  • Ice Fang - Helps against Dragon types (Lance), may cause flinching
  • Bite - Type coverage, may cause flinching
  • Surf - Necessary move to complete the game

Lugia - Legendary, but you're gonna catch it anyway, right?
Ability - Pressure

  • Psychic - Gets STAB and is powerful
  • Aeroblast - Signature move, powerful STAB
  • Fly - Makes getting around easy, STAB
  • Earthquake - Type coverage

Snorlax - Does well against powerful Psychic teams
Ability - Thick Fat

  • Rest - Restores health
  • Sleep Talk - Moves during sleep
  • Return - STAB, keep Snorlax walking with you and this move is powerful
  • Giga Impact or Crunch - I prefer Giga Impact, but Crunch provides coverage

Thank you

For people who don't like using legendarys, replace Entei with Arcanine that has the moves: Fire Blast, Dragon Pulse, Dig and Iron Tail and replace Lugia with Espeon that has the moves: Shadow Ball, Psychic, Grass Knot and Giga Impact.
The only problem with these two pokemon is that they cannot learn fly, so you could use Xatu instead of Espeon if you want.
Bro,meganium?, literally the worst choice,it is very bad against most of the gyms and it base the lowest total of the three starters and a very bad movepull as well,and entei?,it's a pain to encounter one(I encountered it when I was at my way back at ecruteic city,but I suggest replace meganium for typhlosion and entei for probably a vielplume or crobat and replace lugia with something like a kadabra (alakazam)
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Here is my suggestion:

Ability: Blaze
-Hidden Power[Grass]
Eruption for power when life is full, Flamethrower for power when life is lower than half, Extrasensory is type coverage, and HP Grass is to cover weaknesses.

Ability: Inner Focus
-Dragon Claw
-Brick Break
-Aqua Tail
Dragon Claw is for Dragon types, and while Outrage is more powerful, I find Dragon Claw more reliable. Earthquake and Aqua Tail are for type coverage, and Brick Break covers Ice weakness.

Ability: Static
-Signal Beam
-Power Gem
-Hyper Beam
T-bolt is coverage against Flying and Water types, Signal Beam is coverage against
Grass, Dark, and Psychic types, Power Gem is coverage against Fire, Ice, Flying, and Bug types, and Hyper Beam is just for the heck of it.

Ability: Serene Grace
-Ancient Power
-Shadow Ball
Ancient Power takes advantage of his Ability, Fly so you can fly to other cities, Wish to regain health, and Shadow Ball takes advantage of his Ability and covers types

Ability: Water Absorb
-Dynamic Punch
-Ice Punch
Waterfall helps cross waterfalls and is powerful, E-quake is for covering Electric weakness, Dynamic Punch is awesome, and Ice Punch covers Grass weakness

Ability: Synchronize
-Faint Attack
-Last Resort
-Confuse Ray
Faint Attack is a good Dark move, Moonlight recovers healths, Confuse Ray confuses the target(duh), and Last Resort is kill after doing all moves

That is my input

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SoulSilver Team:

Typhlosion Adamant/Jolly

Fire Punch : Gives high power and high accruary. STAB

ThunderPunch: Coverage for Water Types.

Shadow Claw: Cool move and decent power.

Quick Attack: Not very useful but good for KO Hiting 1 HP Pokemon.

Honchkrow Adamant/Jolly

Fly: Important but useful move. STAB

Night Slash: Gives good power. STAB

Wing Attack: Good move. STAB

Brave Bird: YSOSTRONG? ( Why so strong? ) STAB.

Tyranitar Adamant/Naive

Rock Slide: STAB Good move when flinched.

Earthquake: UMAD?

Payback: Good move because Tyranitar has low speed and gives more power when slow speed.

Curse: Raises Attack and Defense and gives a good power for Earthquake and Payback.

Swampert Adamant

Waterfall: STAB Gives it a good coverage for Fire types.

Ice Punch: Gives a good good coverage for Grass types.

Earthquake: STAB Best move EVER!

Hammer Arm: Great for Rock types.

Venusaur Modest/Adamant

Leaf Storm: STAB Good move. Hold a White Herb if you hate lowering stats.

Sludge Bomb: STAB Good move. I'll rather get Modest.

Anemsia: Good move for raising the SP.Def.

SolarBeam: STAB Good move. Or should I say GREAT move.

I'll do more later.

wait why get adamant, u don't even use any physical moves and its attack is bad
and i meant venasaur
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I used this team and it was pretty awesome...

Ability: Blaze

  • Flamethrower
  • Strength
  • Eruption
  • Earthquake

This Pokemon is one of favorites and it's really good. Flamethrower and Eruption are STAB. Strength helps you move boulders and has decent power. Earthquake provides coverage and is overall a really good move.


enter image description here

Ability: Natural Cure

  • Dragon Dance
  • Earthquake
  • Surf
  • Ice Fang/Ice Beam

This is a really cool Pokemon and I always love to use it. I put the shiny their because you can get red Gyrados pretty early in the game without going through the trouble of training a Magikarp. Waterfall is STAB and is necessary for climbing waterfalls. Earthquake combats Electric types and Ice Fang/Ice Beam is extremely useful in taking down Dragon types.

enter image description here
Ability: Static

  • Thunderbolt
  • Light Screen
  • Signal Beam
  • Power Gem

Thunderbolt is STAB and Light Screen raises the whole teams special defence which turned out really helpful for me. Signal Beam to take care of Ground types and Power Gem is good coverage.


enter image description here

Ability: Inner Focus

  • Fly
  • Sludge Bomb
  • X-Scissor
  • Roost

Fly and Sludge Bomb are STAB. Roost for more health and X-Scissor for coverage.


enter image description here

Ability: Solid Rock

  • Rock Climb
  • Earthquake
  • Hammer Arm
  • Mega Horn

If you can't get this guy, Rhydon is still awesome. Rock Climb and Earthquake are STAB plus Rock Climb allows you to climb walls. Hammer Arm covers Steel and Ice types while Mega Horn combats Ground and Grass which can do major damage.

enter image description here
Ability: Chlorophyll

  • Sunny Day
  • Solar Beam
  • Psychic
  • Ancient Power

Sunny Day works extremely well with Solar Beam (making it attack in one turn instead of two) and his ability Chlorophyll. Psychic is STAB with great accuracy and Ancient Power covers four of his weaknesses.

Hope you liked it

i like it, though waterfall is better for gyarados, particularily if you use dragondance.  oops, nevermind, i guess you did mean waterfall, looking at the description.
But isn't the shiny Gyarados ability Intimidate when you get it?
Very hard early game as Exeggcute and Zubat are very low in defense. Trust me. I tried it
Love this. Gyarados is my go to. I've found out that if you use Dragon Dance 2x against Lance, (at a matched level of course), he can solely take down all of his pokemon in one hit. Ice Fang ruins him.
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Team Preview: Feraligatr, Crobat, Heracross, Bellossom, Ninetales/Arcanine, Jynx
(All items, TMs and Pokémon are available before the Elite 4)

Feraligatr @ Muscle Band
Trait - Torrent

  • Waterfall
  • Ice Fang
  • Crunch
  • Surf

Feraligatr is very balanced and has a large movepool and I think it is the best of the 3 starters. Waterfall for STAB and an HM, Ice Fang and Crunch are excellent coverage attacks and Surf is a great HM STAB move.

Crobat @ Poison Barb
Trait - Inner Focus

  • Cross Poison
  • Fly
  • U-Turn
  • Roost

Crobat is an amazing Pokémon and going through the pain of Zubat is definitely worth the end result. Cross Poison is a great STAB move, remember to bring a Heart Scale to the reminder in Blackthorn City to get this move. Fly is a STAB move and one of the best HMs in the game. U-Turn is good for coverage and is accessible early game and Roost is a filler move.

Heracross @ Expert Belt
Trait - Guts

  • Aerial Ace
  • Close Combat
  • Night Slash
  • Brick Break

Megahorn is learnt at Level 55, so unless you want to grind, I feel that is the best moveset for Heracross before the E4. Heracross is an amazing Pokémon with amazing stats all around (except Sp. Att). Close Combat and Brick Break are both good STAB moves with one have less drawback and more PP but less power than the other and Aerial Ace and Night Slash are great coverage moves.

Bellossom @ Wide Lens
Trait - Chlorophyll

  • Sunny Day
  • Magical Leaf/Solar Beam
  • Sludge Bomb
  • Sleep Powder

Bellossom is a very underrated Pokémon that is actually very poweful. It has great stats that only has bad speed but that is made up with Chlorophyll. Sunny Day is very useful on Bellossom as it triggers Chlorophyll, Magical Leaf for STAB and Solar Beam is very strong but requires Sunny Day to be effective. Sludge Bomb is great coverage and Sleep Powder is a good status move.

Ninetales/Arcanine @ Charcoal
Trait - Flash Fire/Intimidate

- Flamethrower
- Extrasensory
- Nasty Plot
- Dark Pulse

Ninetales is a really good Pokémon in both offence and support and if used correctly can be very deadly. If you set up a few Nasty Plots you could probably sweep a lot of trainers ingame. Flamethrower is STAB and Extrasensory and Dark Pulse are for coverage. Vulpix is exclusive to Soul Silver.

- Flamethrower
- Thunder Fang
- ExtremeSpeed
- Dig

Arcanine is a very strong Pokémon with very balanced stats so it can be ran physically or specially. If you want Flare Blitz you would have to level up Growlithe to Level 48 which is around the E4 so I would stick with Flamethrower because of its reliability. Flamethrower is STAB, Thunder Fang and Dig are coverage and ExtremeSpeed is good for finishing things off quickly. Growlithe is exclusive to Heart Gold.

Jynx @ NeverMeltIce
Trait - Oblivious

  • Ice Beam
  • Psychic
  • Shadow Ball
  • Fake Tears

Jynx is another very underrated Pokémon but kicks butt with a great Special Attack stat and destroys Clair and Lance who can be very difficult without advantages over their Pokémon. You may want to catch one and breed for a Smoochum as Jynx doesn't get any Psychic type moves by level up, whereas Smoochum get psychic at level 35. Ice Beam and Psychic are STAB, Shadow Ball is good coverage and Fake Tears is filler.

Furret - HMs Cut, Rock Smash, Strength, Whirlpool

Man, thank you, you are the best srly
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I'll try to make a team workable for nuzlockes.
Typhlosion: by far, my favorite Pokemon of all time. johto doesn't have many fire types, and two of the better ones sans typhlosion, arcanine and houndoom, are hg exclusive or safari zone catches, respectively.
Recommended item: Choice Specs. This may sound like crazy talk, especially since I said I was making a nuzlocke suitable team, but the choice specs are basically custom fit to typhlosion, due to his high spA, lack of stat boosting moves, and high power stab with few Pokemon immune.
Eruption(lv49cynd/lv57else): This move is simply beautiful. Same base power (at full health) as hyper beam and blast burn (150), special, 100% acc, and has no recoil, stat drops, or recharge associated, essentially being gen 4's answer to gen 1 hyper beam.
Flamethrower(lv37cyn/42else): Two stab moves on a set may seem strange, but eruption becomes weaker as typhlosion's health drops, and it only has 5pp. flamethrower gives backup for these places, and lets you conserve uses of eruption.
FocusBlast(tm52(department store)): This move is here for one reason and one reason only: karen's dang houndoom. Flash fire makes it immune to fire moves, so focus blast gives a specs boosted SE hit, though its shaky 70% acc means it's only there for when you need it.
Solarbeam(tm22)/swift(lv)/earthquake(tm26): typhlosion doesn't have many options left, so here are a few ideas. solarbeam is good coverage, but needs sun to be useful. Swift is just mentioned due to specs boost and not missing. EQ gives good coverage, but other Pokemon may want it and it doesn't get specs boost.

Ampharos: The holy grail of early captures, ampharos has excellent bulk and SpA, only lacking speed. It shares exp curve and similar evolution levels with starters, helping it keep up. nuzlockers who missed one on route 32 can snag a primo egg.
Item doesn't matter too much.
Tbolt(tm24)/Discharge(lv): tbolt is better, but not worth the game corner time.
Signal beam: Special bug move helps with karen and coverage.
Powergem: learned late, but well worth it: special rock move makes for awesome coverage and hits lance's whole team se.
Last move is filler; focus blast for more coverage, or lightscreen or twave to support team.

Espeon: May not be the popular choice for psychic type, but she's bulkier than alakazam, and gets better support options
Moves (offensive):
Psychic: Stab. psybeam works until psychic learned
Shadowball: coverage
Swift: Coverage
Calm mind: stat booster, but need frontier tm (not as big a problem as plat, given more game to go)
Psychic and Shadowball Stay
Reflect+LightScreen: normal runs can ignore this, but a dual screens is pretty slick in nuzlockes, halving damage from physical and special moves for 5 (8with kightclay) turns, and it sticks around when you switch. Baton pass is worth note for escape from pursuit, but staying eevee until lv36 isn't usually worth it.

Red Gyarados: grind free gyarados at lv30 as soon as 4 badges? yes please.
Moves: Note that same set works for feraligatr, but swords dance in place of DD
Waterfall: Physical Stab
Ice Fang: Coverage
Dragon Dance: Boost both atk and spd
EQ: Coverage

Dragonite: Game corner or ES, take your pick. Both are awesome.
Moves: honestly, just make it what you need on the team, be it tank, sweeper, support, or anything else. heck, you could even use it as an hm mule that can still fight.
DragonClaw/Outrage: Physical Stab, reliability vs power, though a tm is needed for claw.
Firepunch/EQ: coverage with dragon vs steels.
Roost/Extremespeed/DragonDance/DracoMeteor:Just a few more options to mix and match. Roost heal 1/2 max hp. ES always goes first, but dragon master exclusive. Dragon Dance boosts atk and spd, but redundant if using ES. Draco Meteor a power special dragon move for finishing off foes, but halves SpA, so should be only special move on set. Really, dragonite does whatever you need it to.

Lapras: It's only available fridays deep in union cave, but it is very bulky and all stats are good besides speed. Can easily be used as hm mule if needed, but here is a special attacking set (Atk and SpA same, but gyara covers physical)
Surf: you need it anyway, and it gets stab.
Ice beam: Stab and learned by level up
Psychic/DragonPulse/Tbolt/Whirlpool: Choose two; psychic needs tm, but is a nice move. Dpulse nice since lapras is one of the few Pokemon pre e4 to have enough spA to use it. Tbolt has same issues as mentioned for amphy, but provides perfect neutral coverage with ice beam. Whirlpool is just hm, not good, but practical, and coverage still good with one of above moves.

Note: Don't give cut to in party mons, even hm slaves, as you only need it for that first tree.
Furret makes an excellent hm slave, learning cut, surf, strength, whirlpool, and rock smash.

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I used this team to beat the gym leaders, elite four, champion, and Red. Works with ease.


Feraligatr :
Item : Mystic Water
Surf - STAB - HM needed.
Waterfall STAB - HM needed.
Rain Dance - Boosts water moves
Crunch - Coverage

Get Totodile from Professor Elm in his lab
in New Bark Town. Evolve it.


Togekiss :
Item : Sharp Beak
Fly - STAB - HM useful.
Yawn - Puts Pokemon to sleep next turn.
ExtremeSpeed - STAB Always goes first, good power
Extrasensory - Good coverage.

Get Egg from Professor Elm's aid
in the Pokemon Center in Violet
City. Hatch it, and evolve it.


Yanmega :
Item : Silver Powder
Bug Buzz - STAB - Great power.
U - Turn - STAB - Get out of sticky situations.
Slash - Decent power, High crit ratio.
AncientPower - Coverage, potential stat raise.

Catch Yanma on Route 35.
Evolve it.


Arcanine :
Item : Charcoal
Flamethrower - STAB - Great power.
Sunny Day - Boosts Fire type moves power.
ExtremeSpeed - Good power, always goes first.
Dragon Pulse - Coverage.

Catch Growlithe on Route 36.
Evolve it.


Tangrowth :
Item : Miracle Seed
Giga Drain - STAB Good power, heals HP.
Rock Smash - Needed HM
AncientPower - Good coverage, potential stat raise.
Energy Ball - STAB Good power.

Catch Tangela on Route 44.
Evolve it.


Mamoswine :
Item : NeverMeltIce
Ice Shard -STAB - Always goes first.
Earthquake STAB - Great power.
Rock Climb - Needed HM for Red.
Ice Beam - STAB - Good power.

Catch Swinub on Ice Path.
Evolve it.

That's the team! I hope you used it, it's what I used to beat everyone, did not lose once!
Thank you!

  • Fortunne

You cant get toga kiss until post game
No, that's a lie...
The Bug-Catching Contest only has a chance of yielding a Shiny Stone after you obtain the National Dex. You can't get a Shiny Stone before the post-game unless you trade one over.
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Team Preview:

(Pre-Elite Four)

Feraligatr @ Amulet Coin
Ability: Torrent

- Surf (HM03 - Ekruteak City Dance Theatre)
- Waterfall (HM07 - Ice Path)
- Ice Fang (Level 21)
- Crunch (Level 30)

Totodile is easily the best starter for HGSS as he has very solid stats including great Attack and Defence as well as having a diverse movepool that allows him to cover a lot of different types, something that Chikorita and Cyndaquil can't do very well due to their shallow movepool. Waterfall is your main STAB move and allows you to climb waterfalls, Surf is another STAB move and gets you across bodies of water but doesn't do as much damage than Waterfall, Ice Fang covers his weakness to Grass and Crunch allows him to cover more types.

Ampharos @ Quick Claw
Ability: Static

- Discharge (Level 34)
- Thunder Wave (Level 14)
- Signal Beam (Level 42)
- Light Screen (TM16 - Goldenrod Department Store)

Ampharos is a good Pokémon to have on any team and I always use Ampharos when playing through Johto. Discharge is a good STAB move, Thunderbolt is also great but is very difficult to get, Thunder is also powerful but pretty inaccurate, Thunder Wave cripples the opponent and also makes up for Ampharos' lacking speed, Signal Beam, while not covering any of his weaknesses but allows Ampharos to deal more damage to Grass types and Light Screen gives your team a Sp. Defence buff which is very useful against certain trainers.

Crobat @ King's Rock
Ability: Inner Focus

- Fly (HM02 - Cianwood City after beating Chuck)
- Cross Poison (Move Reminder)
- U-Turn (TM89 - Azalea Town Gym)
- Confuse Ray (Level 21)

While Zubat is a pain to train in the beginning, once he learns Wing Attack and Confuse Ray, he becomes a beast, and considering how great Crobat is, it is well worth it. Also, you don't have to catch early on, I personally like to catch one around Mt. Mortar. Fly is your Flying STAB move and gets you around quickly, Cross Poison is your Poison STAB move, U-Turn covers his weakness to Psychic and gets him out quickly and Confuse Ray is just a great move to have in certain situations.

Pinsir @ Shell Bell
Ability: Mold Breaker

- X-Scissor (Level 30)
- Brick Break (Level 21)
- Earthquake (TM26 - Victory Road)
- Swords Dance (Level 38)

Pinsir is arguably better than Heracross because he gets a Bug move MUCH earlier than Heracross, actually gets more Fighting moves than Heracross. Also, chances are you'd find Heracross at around level 2-5 and have to grind to level 19 for Brick Break, whereas you find Pinsir around level 15 and gets Fighting moves earlier to help with Whitney. X-Scissor is a great STAB move, Brick Break covers his weakness to Rock and also breaks Screen and helps with a lot of other types, Earthquake covers his weakness to Fire and Rock and Swords Dance is to set up and sweep opponents with ease.

Sudowoodo @ Macho Brace
Ability: Rock Head

- Rock Slide (Level 33)
- Wood Hammer (Move Reminder)
- Double-Edge (Level 46)
- Sucker Punch (Level 41)

While Geodude is probably the best Rock-type in HGSS, Sudowoodo makes a very close 2nd, and even outshines the Geodude line in a few ways such as availability, coverage and STAB attacks. Another bonus to Sudowoodo is that, since it is a static Pokémon (doesn't move from the overworld until defeated), hunting for one with Rock Head and a good nature is pretty easy. Rock Slide is STAB, Wood Hammer covers his weaknesses to Water and Ground and doesn't receive recoil due to Rock Head, Double-Edge is mainly for reliable damage output (Double-Edge does more neutral damage than a STAB Rock Slide) and Sucker Punch is for some priority if you are good at predicting.

Mr Mime @ Bright Powder
Ability: Filter

- Psychic (Level 39)
- Shadow Ball (TM30 - Ekruteak City Gym)
- Reflect (Level 22)
- Charge Beam (TM57 - Olivine City)

While Alakazam is definitely the best Psychic-type in HGSS, I didn't want to include it on the team, and while Espeon is arguably better in the long-term (and I love Espeon), in Johto Mr Mime is arguably better due to its access to Psychic pre-Elite Four. It is also an amazing Special wall with 120 Special Defence. Note that it is found in the Safari Zone and it comes at a decently low level, so you may need to grind for a bit. Psychic is STAB, Shadow Ball covers his Ghost weakness, Reflect makes him able to take both Physical and Special hits as well as play support and Charge Beam is for setting up to sweep.

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Team preview:

-- Feraligatr --
Item: Mystic Water
Ability: Torrent
Location: New Bark Town (Starter)


  • Waterfall (Ice Path)
  • Surf (Ecruteak City)
  • Ice Fang (Lv. 21)
  • Crunch (Lv. 32)

Feraligatr does good against Morty, Will, Lance, all of Team Rocket’s Zubats and Golbats, Brock, maybe Erika, Sabrina, Blaine, Blue’s Arcanine, maybe Exeggutor, Rhydon and Pidgeot and Red’s Charizard and maybe Venusaur.

-- Ampharos --
Item: Magnet
Ability: Static
Location: Route 32


  • Discharge (Lv. 34)
  • Focus Blast (Goldenrod Mart)
  • Hyper Beam (Goldenrod Mart)
  • Signal Beam (Lv. 42)

Ampharos does good against Falkner, Jasmine, Pryce, Karen, Misty, Erika, Sabrina, Blue’s Gyarados, Pidgeot and maybe Rhydon, and Red’s Lapras, Charizard and Blastoise.

-- Togekiss --
Item: King’s Rock
Ability: Serene Grace
Location: Mystery Egg


  • Air Slash (Lv. 1)
  • Fly (Cianwood City)
  • Aura Sphere (Lv. 1)
  • Fire Blast (Goldenrod Mart)

Togekiss does good against Morty, Chuck, Jasmine, Bruno, Erika, maybe Brock, Blue’s Exeggutor, maybe Rhydon, Machamp, and Red’s Venusaur and Lapras. For those of you saying that you can only get a Shiny Stone post-game: you can win it if you come first in the bug catching contest. Even though it’s hard, it is possible.

-- Heracross --
Item: Black Belt
Ability: Guts
Location: Headbutt Azalea Town


  • Brick Break (Lv. 19)
  • Megahorn (Lv. 55)
  • Close Combat (Lv. 37)
  • Earthquake (Victory Road)

Heracross does well against Whitney, Jasmine, Pryce, Koga, Karen, Brock, Lt. Surge, Erika, Janine, maybe Sabrina, Blue’s Exeggutor, maybe Rhydon and Red’s Pikachu, Lapras and Snorlax.

-- Espeon --
Item: Twisted Spoon
Ability: Synchronize
Location: Gift from Bill (Goldenrod)


  • Psychic (Lv. 64)
  • Future Sight (Lv. 43)
  • Swift (Lv. 29)
  • Attract (Goldenrod Gym)

Espeon does well against Chuck, Koga, Bruno, all Team Rocket’s poison types, Erika, Janine and Blue’s Machamp. You can replace Future Sight with Shadow Ball but I’m saving that Tm for Mewtwo.

-- Furret --
Item: None
Ability: Run Away
Location: Route 1


  • Cut (Ilex Forest)
  • Strength (Route 42)
  • Whirlpool (Mahogany Town Team Rocket Hideout)
  • Rock Smash (Route 36)

Furret does good against small bushes that you can’t walk around, big rocks, mini water tornados and really small rocks that you for some reason can’t walk over.

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Unfortunately the bit about Togekiss’ Shiny Stone is untrue - the Bug Contest only gives out Shiny Stones after defeating the E4. Unless you trade one over, you’re stuck with Togetic until after beating the champion!
You can get one in the pokeatlon dome on certain day prenational
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Team Preview:

Pre-Elite Four

Typhlosion @ Amulet Coin
Ability - Blaze

  • Flamethrower (Level 42)
  • Blast Burn (Move Tutor - Blackthorn City)
  • Dig (TM28 - National Park)
  • Strength (HM04 - Route 42)

While Feraligatr is the best of the starters in terms of in-game viability, he does make a very close second place. Typhlosion has great Speed and Special Attack, decent Attack and good STAB moves. His main issue is his shallow movepool outside of Move Tutors and Egg Moves. Flamethrower is your main STAB move, Blast Burn is a very powerful STAB move mainly used for ending battles quickly, Dig covers his Rock-type weakness just be aware of possibly EQs, and Strength allows you to move boulders.

Ambipom @ King's Rock
Ability - Technician

  • Double Hit (Level 32)
  • Aerial Ace (TM40 - Mt. Mortar, Requires Waterfall)
  • Shadow Claw (TM65 - Route 46)
  • U-Turn (TM89 - Gift from Bugsy)

While Ambipom may seem like a weird choice at first, it is actually a pretty useful Pokémon. He has great Speed and Attack, and a pretty solid movepool. He mainly played the role of revenge killer and the variety member. Double Hit is a great STAB move, that has slightly more than 150BP after calculations, Aerial Ace gets Technician-boosted and covers his Fighting-type weakness, Shadow Claw has a high critical hit rate and allows Ambipom to hit Ghost-types, and U-Turn allows him to do some damage before switching, which compliments his revenge killer role.

Nidoqueen @ Shell Bell
Ability - Poison Point

  • Sludge Bomb (TM36 - Route 43 Gate after defeating Team Rocket in Mahogany Town)
  • Earthquake (TM26 - Victory Road)
  • Body Slam (Level 23 as Nidoqueen - May Require Move Reminder)
  • Surf (HM03 - Ecruteak Theatre)

While you could honestly pick either or Nidoqueen or Nidoking, I decided I would use Nidoqueen because I had never used her before, and at the time, my team was very frail. Sludge Bomb is a good STAB move, Earthquake is a great STAB move, Body Slam has a very high paralysis chance and does solid damage, and Surf covers her Ground weakness and allows you to get across Water before you get Shellder later on. If you want Body Slam right away, you will have to get a bunch of points in the Pokéathlon for a Moon Stone on Monday, and it is the same case for Thrash with Nidoking. If you want to use Nidoking, I would recommend the same set, but with Thrash over Body Slam.

Cloyster @ Quick Claw / Zoom Lens
Ability - Skill Link

  • Surf (HM03 - Ecruteak Theatre) / Clamp (Level 25 as Shellder)
  • Whirlpool (HM05 - From Lance after defeating Team Rocket in Mahogany Town)
  • Icicle Spear (Level 13 as Shellder)
  • Spikes (Level 28 as Cloyster)

While there definitely are better possible Water types available in-game such as Lapras, Vaporeon or Gyarados, my team was really lacking in Physical bulk, and Cloyster has a massive Defence stat, as well as an amazing in-game typing of Water/Ice to boot. Surf (if you decide on Quick Claw) and Clamp (If you decide on Zoom Lens - Zoom Lens increase a move's accuracy if if goes last) are your main Water STABs, Whirlpool traps an opponent and deals passive damage for a few turns, and allows you to pass over Whirlpools, Icicle Spear is a great STAB move with Skill Link and covers the late-game Dragons well, and Spikes is mainly for support.

Mr. Mime @ Bright Powder
Ability - Filter

  • Psychic (Level 39)
  • Shadow Ball (TM30 - Gift from Morty)
  • Reflect (Level 22)
  • Charge Beam (TM57 - Olivine City)

Mr. Mime is the only member I retained from my Feraligatr team, and for good reason. It was the best way to round off this team - it has high Special Defence, something my team was lacking and it is Psychic-type, which is great in HGSS due to all of Team Rocket's Poison-types. Psychic is a great STAB move, Shadow Ball covers his Ghost-type weakness, Reflect allows him to take hits from both sides and allows him to play support, and Charge Beam is for setting up to sweep. However, if you want a different Psychic-type, I would recommend Kadabra the most (assuming you have no trade access). It has good stats, a similar moveset to Mr. Mime, and comes early. The thing is if you choose Kadabra, you will have a big lack in Special Defence.

Murkrow @ Exp. Share
Ability - Super Luck

  • Dark Pulse (TM79 - Victory Road)
  • Wing Attack (Level 15)
  • Sucker Punch (Level 45)
  • Fly (HM02 - Cianwood City after beating Chuck)

Last up on the Team is Murkrow. I wasn't too sure about whether I wanted to use this on my run through with this team, as there were better Flying-type options available, such as Fearow and Crobat, but, even without a Dusk Stone, Murkrow surprised me. It's Super Luck boosted attacks proved very useful, and her stats aren't too shabby with 85 in both attacking stats and 91 in Speed, which are good enough to last until the post-game where you can get a Dusk Stone to get Honchkrow. Dark Pulse is your main Dark STAB, with a decent chance to flinch, Wing Attack is your main Flying STAB (however using Fly may be more optimal in some cases), Sucker Punch is STAB and has priority (only if the foe uses an attacking move), and Fly gets you around quickly and deals more damage than Wing Attack in one go. You can also bring Dire Hits into battle to boost his critical chance even higher, but it probably won't be necessary.

Furret and Tentacool
Abilities - who cares?

Also Furret and Tentacool, mainly for HM usage. Furret will have Cut and Rock Smash, and Tentacool will have Waterfall. These were the real MVPs, and they made the adventure possible.

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TyphlosionCrobatAmpharosHeracrossEspeonLapras OR Gyarados
For this team, I didn't use any egg moves, version exclusives , trade evolutions or legendaries. I also tried not to use any moves over level 60 or any late game TMs unless if it was necessary. This way, the team can be used by anyone. Enjoy c:

Ability: Blaze
-Lava Plume/Flamethrower
-Solar Beam
-Focus Blast

Typholsion is debatbly the best starter in Johto as it can destroy alot of the gyms, giving you an easy time in your playthrough. Both Lava Plume and Flamethrower are really good fire moves so either is fine. Solar Beam takes care of all of it's weakness. Focus Blast is a decent coverage move (use X-Accuracies if they are missing alot). Both Eruption and Earthquake are extremly powerful moves so it's your choice what you want to use.

Crobat (Route 32)
Ability: Inner Focus
-Cross Poison

I think Crobat is the best flyer for a Johto playthrough since you can get it very early (before Bugsy) as well as having a BST of 535 making it a really powerful Pokemon. Fly is needed for every flyer because it is convenient. Cross Poison is amazing STAB. U-Turn is pretty handy if Crobat is at low HP or you need to switch to another Pokemon but X-Scissor is another option. Return is a powerful move since your golbat needs max happiness to evolve but Toxic isn't bad as it can help with bulky Pokemon like Lance's Dragonite as well as the Elite Four's Pokemon.

Ability: Static
-Signal Beam
-Power Gem
-Focus Blast/Thunder Wave

Ampharos is very useful in Johto since there are alot of trainers with water and flying types, not to forget the fact that you can get a Mareep before battling Falkner. Discharge/Thunderbolt is obviously it's best STAB move. Signal Beam and Power Gem are both really powerful coverage move it gets. Thunder Wave is helpful against speedy Pokemon but Focus Blast is there if you want more coverage.

Heracross (Route 33/Azalea Town - use Headbutt)
Ability: Guts
-Brick Break/Close Combat
-Rock Tomb ---> Rock Slide/Stone Edge
-Shadow Claw ---> Night Slash

Heracross is a strong physical attacker and it's no suprise why it's on this team. Brick Break is good STAB but if you want more power then use Close Combat. Megahorn hits like a truck. Rock Slide/Stone Edge to deal with it's flying weaknes - use Rock Tomb for early game. Night Slash is a strong coverage move (use shadow claw for early game)

Espeon (Gift from Bill at Goldenrod after you meet him at Ecruteak) (Soothe Bell - National Park)
Ability: Synchronize
-Psybeam ---> Psychic
-Shadow Ball
-Light Screen/Morning Sun

Our main special attacker is Espeon. Psybeam is for early game then you can use psychic. Shadow Ball is there to deal with ghost types and other psychic Pokemon. Reflect and Light Screen to make sure your team can wall many threats. You can use Morning Sun because it's a good recovery move.

Lapras (Union Cave on Friday - use Surf)
-Ice Beam/Avalanche
-Thunder/Dragon Pulse
-Perish Song

Our surfer/water type will be Lapras - it's a mixed attacker with good defenses. Surf is there for obvious reasons. Ice Beam is good STAB but Avalanche can hit hard if you are facing fast opponents. Thunder and Dragon Pulse are good coverage moves. Perish Song can take out any Pokemon that is a threat to your team.


Red Gyarados (Lake of Rage)
Ability: Intimidate
-Ice Fang/Avalance
-Dragon Dance

If you really want to use the Shiny Gyarados you can. Waterfall and Surf are both good water STAB. Ice Fang and Avalanche are good ice coverage. Earthquake takes out any electric types as well as being a hard hitting move. Dragon Dance is there to set up and sweep.

That's mystic umbreon's team
No it's not, i changed one of the pokemon and the movesets are different as well.
crobat over fearow is the only difference
Why do you need to swap out shadow claw for night slash? They're basically the same move, and dark and ghost are good against the same types and they both have high crit ratios. It doesn't matter that normal is immune, because heracross is fighting type.
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Based around Typhlosion as your starter. It doesn't have great coverage moves, but it's still awesome and I love it :)

Typhlosion @ Charcoal / Anything
Ability: Blaze
- Sunny Day: To set up the Sun, the main part of this set.
- Lava Plume: Main STAB attack, Sunny Day boosted.
- Solar Beam: Massive power Special move, Super Effective on all types that are Super Effective agains Fire!
- Hidden Power: For bonus coverage :)

Furret @ Anything
Ability: Keen Eye
- Return: Max frenliness is good Normal STAB for ya boi (I love Furret lol)
- Shadow Claw: Hit those pesky Ghosts
- Brick Break: Hit Rock and Steel Types
- Surf: Ride the waves with Furret (HM, not great in battle ngl)

Crobat @ Anything
Ability: Inner Focus
- Fly: Soar the skies (and dodge attacks)
- Cross Poison: High Crits and Poison chance. Nice.
- X-Scissor: Coverage against Psychic
- Steel Wing: Mostly reliable coverage against Ice types.

Ampharos @ Anything
Ability: Static
- Discharge: Strong Electric STAB, good Paralysis chance.
- Signal Beam: Nostalgia only, alright coverage.I don't know why I have nostalgia for Signal
- Power Gem
- Hidden Power

Heracross @ Flame Orb
Ability: Guts
- Brick Break: Guts Boosted Fighting STAB
- Megahorn: Risky but strong Guts boosted Bug STAB
- Facade: Double power with Burn status + Guts, fun to have lol
- Earthquake: Guts boosted 100 BP move. Give opponents a bad day uwu

Houndoom @ Anything
Ability: Flash Fire
- Crunch: STAB, small Def. drop chance
- Fire Fang: Only reliable Fire STAB, you won't miss it that much, Burn/Flinch chances too.
- Strength: HM
- Rock Smash: HM and coverage

Have fun with this team! :D

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This team is obtainable in both versions, and is built around Meganium.

Meganium (Start)

  -Giga Drain
  -Body Slam
  -Light Screen

The Starter of this team and generally the backbone of it. Meganium will serve as an excellent wall and utility Pokemon, setting up screens as needed, paralyzing enemies with Body Slam, and leeching the foes' health with Giga Drain.

Ampharos (1st Gym)

  -Signal Beam
  -Power Gem
  -Thunder Wave

A great special attacker. Ampharos provides excellent coverage with its various Special Attacks, as well as Thunder Wave for utility and catching legendaries.

Fearow (1st Gym)

  -Drill Peck

An awesome Hit-and-Run Pokemon, Fearow will be there to dish out powerful flying and normal type attacks, heal if needed, and switch out when facing unavoidable danger.

Haunter/Gengar (1st Gym)

  -Shadow Ball
  -Sludge Bomb
  -Dream Eater

Haunter/Gengar is the team's Special Sweeper. It puts enemies to sleep with Hypnosis and follows up with a powerful STAB Shadow Ball or Sludge Bomb, or a Dream Eater for Psychic coverage and health.

Poliwrath (2nd Gym)

  -Brick Break
  -Bulk Up
  -Ice Punch

The Physical Powerhouse. An amazing sweeper, Poliwrath comes in and sets up Bulk Ups to take hits, and then dishes out STAB Waterfalls and Brick Breaks, both of which hit like a truck when behind a few Bulk Ups. Ice Punch is for Flying and Grass coverage, a necessity for this outstanding Water Type.

Magmar (4th Gym)

  -Brick Break/Sunny Day

Magmar is a great Special Attacker, providing much-needed Fire coverage for your team. It is able to set up Will-O-Wisp against threatening Physical attackers, as well as put up a Sunny Day to boost its Flamethrower attack to ludicrously high levels. If preferred, when evolving it to Magmortar after the Elite Four, you can replace Will-O-Wisp with Solar Beam, which works well in conjunction with Sunny Day.

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If I didnt have access to trade, eho should I replace Gengar with? Id rather not be using a Haunter, and using Magmar is pushing it.
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Typhlosion @ Wise Glasses
Ability: Blaze

  • Eruption
  • Solar Beam
  • Sunny Day
  • Flamethrower

Cyndaquil is probably the best starter choice as it has good stats and many advantages throughout the game. Eruption will deal huge damage will full HP, Solar Beam is great coverage, Sunny Day fires up his fire type moves and allows instant use of Solar Beam and Flamethrower is your main STAB move.

Pidgeot @ Sharp Beak/Crobat @ Black Sludge
Ability: Tangled Feet/Inner Focus

  • Fly
  • Return
  • Steel Wing
  • U-Turn

Pidgeot is a classic, it has good speed and very balanced stats and some decent moves too. Fly is the go to move for Flying Types and is very handy, Return is your main STAB move and Steel Wing and U-Turn are for coverage.

  • Fly
  • Cross Poison
  • X-Scissor/Steel Wing
  • Roost/Confuse Ray

Crobat is similar to Pidgeot, high speed and all-around good stats, however Crobat has higher stats overall but Zubat is a pain to train due to it's weak moves at first and frail defences. Fly is just like on Pidgeot, reliable and strong, Cross Poison is Crobats main STAB move, X-Scissor and Steel Wing are good coverage and Roost and Confuse Ray are filler moves.

Victreebel @ Miracle Seed/Ampharos @ Magnet
Ability: Chlorophyll/Static

  • Sleep Powder
  • Sludge Bomb
  • Leaf Storm
  • Razor Leaf

Victreebel is a very good Grass Type that strays from normal Grass Type standards, it's a mixed attacker instead of status inflictor but still has some status moves anyways. Sleep Powder is very handy move which leads to free recovery, swap-ins and attacks, Sludge Bomb is your main STAB move, Leaf Storm is very strong but has a large drawback so use it as a last resort and Razor Leaf is another strong STAB move.

  • Thunderbolt/Discharge
  • Power Gem
  • Signal Beam
  • Thunder Wave

Ampharos is a very good Electric Type that comes packed with very good Special Attack and decent bulk. Thunderbolt is your main STAB move but can be hard to get the TM for, whereas Discharge is very easy to get (level up) and is still strong, Power Gem and Signal Beam are for coverage and Thunder Wave can allow free turns and makes up for the speed Ampharos lacks.

Alakazam/Espeon @ Life Orb
Ability: Synchronize

  • Psychic
  • Shadow Ball
  • Calm Mind
  • Recover/Morning Sun

Alakazam and Espeon are very similar, both are fast Special Sweepers with decent Special Defence and similar movesets too. I would only recommend Alakazam if you have the opportunity to trade, while Kadabra is viable, it is better to get Espeon. Psychic is your main STAB move, Shadow Ball is for coverage, Calm Mind makes them very powerful and Recover or Morning Sun is good recovery.

Machamp/Heracross @ Muscle Band
Ability: No Guard/Guts

  • Dynamic Punch
  • Rock Slide
  • Strength/Rock Climb
  • Earthquake

Machamp is arguably the best fighting type in the game, he has very good bulk and very high Attack meaning he can take hits just aswell as he can deal them. Dynamic Punch will always hit due to No Guard and will always inflict confusion which is very good, Rock Slide and Earthquake are for coverage and Strength and Rock Climb are needed for some parts of the game, however they may be better on an HM Slave.

  • Megahorn
  • Close Combat
  • Rock Slide/Shadow Claw
  • Swords Dance

Heracross is another very strong Fighting Type and Bug Typing to give it more Pokémon to be strong against. Megahorn is your main STAB Bug move, Close Combat is your main STAB Fighting move, Rock Slide and Shadow Claw are for coverage and Swords Dance makes Heracross' attacks that much deadlier.

Lapras @ Leftovers
Ability: Water Absorb

  • Surf
  • Ice Beam
  • Psychic
  • Thunderbolt

Lapras is probably the best Surfer option in the game as it has good moves, good base stats and helps out with Clair, arguably the hardest Pokémon Gym Leader, and a lot of other trainers. Surf is necessary to beat the game and is your main STAB Water move, Ice Beam is your main STAB Ice move and Psychic and Thunderbolt are for coverage.

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good team, used it and beat red first try
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My favorite HGSS Team:

Ability: Blaze

enter image description here

  • Flamethrower
  • Sunny Day
  • Solarbeam
  • Focus Blast

Flamethrower is main STAB, chosen for reliability. Solarbeam is for coverage against Rock, Ground and Water types. Sunny Day enables the use of Solarbeam in one turn, and powers up his fire moves. Focus Blast is for additional coverage, and can prove very useful against Rock types and Dark types.

Choose Cyndaquil as your starter and evolve.

Ability: Static

enter image description here

  • Thunderbolt/Discharge
  • Thunder Wave
  • Signal Beam
  • Power Gem

Thunderbolt or Discharge are main STAB. Either is good, but Thunderbolt requires TM. Thunder Wave can help slow down fast Pokemon. Signal Beam is a powerful Bug move that provides excellent coverage for Psychic and Dark types. Power Gem is additional coverage.

Catch Mareep just outside of Violet City and evolve.

Ability: Poison Point

enter image description here

  • Earthquake
  • Sludge Bomb/Poison Jab
  • Megahorn
  • Dragon Pulse/Rockslide/Stealth Rock

Earthquake is STAB, along with Sludge Bomb or Poison Jab (choose one). Megahorn is coverage for Grass, Psychic and Dark types. Last slot is up to you. Dragon Pulse can provide a trump card against Dragons. Rockslide will provide coverage for Fire, Ice, and Flying types, and can be good against Lance. Stealth Rock is an entry hazard move that can be handy late in the game against high-level trainers, like Bugsy, Lance and Red.

Catch Nidoran (M) on Route 37/38. Evolve with a Moon Stone.

Ability: Synchronize

enter image description here

  • Psychic
  • Shadow Ball
  • Recover
  • Calm Mind

NOTE: If you can't get Alakazam, Espeon is a good alternative. Psychic is STAB, of course. Shadow Ball is a good idea when you're up against other Psychics, and Ghost types as well. Recover is for self-healing. Calm Mind powers up Sp. Atk and Sp. Def, making Psychic hit extremely hard, and enables you to sweep trainers like Bruno. Evolve Kadabra before level 38 in order to learn it through level-up.

Either catch Abra just outside of Goldenrod City, or buy one for 200 coins from the Game Corner.

Ability: Shell Armor/Water Absorb

enter image description here

  • Surf
  • Ice Beam
  • Confuse Ray
  • Safeguard/Psychic/Thunderbolt/Dragon Pulse

Surf is STAB and handy for crossing bodies of water. Ice Beam is also STAB, and will absolutely decimate Dragons! Best of all, Lapras learns it via level-up, and at level 32. Confuse Ray is handy for confusing opponents. You have several good options for the last slot. I personally like Safeguard, which protects your entire team from status conditions for a few turns. Psychic, Thunderbolt and Dragon Pulse can all provide additional coverage.

Catch in the basement of Union Cave on Fridays.

Ability: Early Bird/Super Luck

enter image description here

  • Fly
  • Dark Pulse
  • Faint Attack
  • Wing Attack/U-Turn

Hard to catch, but worth it. Fly is STAB, and necessary for fast-travel. Dark Pulse and Faint Attack are STAB -- Faint Attack is handy because it never misses. For final slot, you can use something like Wing Attack for an additional Flying move, or U-Turn for a quick hit and switch out.

Catch Murkrow either via the Pokewalker or in the Safari Zone at night. You can evolve it with a Dusk Stone in Kanto.

Your team is good but it lacks a fighting type or a bug type to take care of dark types so try to add one of them by removing some of your pokemon. You may remove Alakazam for this purpose as you already have honchkrow to deal with fighting types.
Upon reading the descriptions, you'll see that I have several moves such as Signal Beam on Ampharos, Focus Blast on Typhlosion, and Megahorn on Nidoking to help deal with Dark types. Alakazam is vital for this team because Honchkrow usually can't handle Fighting types on his own.
Ampharos is freakin slow and can easily be knocked out by an Earthquake.Focus Blast has very bad accuracy and PP.If Nidoking is faint what else choice would i have.There`s a dark type elite 4 so thats why iam taking it seriously.You dont know how hard it is to beat umbreon without a fighting type
what if you cant get alakazam? then you'll just need espeon, which alakazam is like, but better
I'm thinking of using this team in Soul Silver (got it last Saturday for my 18th birthday after not playing for 8 years when I lost HeartGold before beating the Johto league!) except I'll probably replace Honchkrow with Heracross. Either that or I might use 7 pokemon in a rotation and have either Honchkrow, Pidgeot or Crobat as my 7th slot in the PC
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enter image description here
Ability: Blaze
Nature: Modest/Timid
Eruption - Great when HP is full, STAB
Lava Plume - Good chance to burn the target, STAB
Flamethrower/Fire Blast/Blast Burn - Flamethrower hits more often, while Fire Blast will do more damage if it hits. Blast Burn does the most damage overall, but you have to rest the next turn. If you're going the safe route, I suggest flamethrower.
Solar Beam/Focus Blast - Both are for coverage, but Solar Beam takes time to charge and Focus Blast barely hits. I recommend Solar Beam, but Focus Blast works too.

I chose Typhosion because he is arguably the best starter of the three. Feraligatr is good as well, but since there are so many other options for water types, I chose Typhlosion. As for Meganium, she didn't exactly work out for me the last time I used her. Typhlosion has an advantage against a fair share of the 16 gyms, and with it's beautiful speed and special attack, it makes for a great speedy sweeper.

enter image description here
Nature: Jolly/Adamant
Ability: Inner Focus
U-Turn - Used to deal damage and get crobat out of sticky situations. Thanks to Crobat's high speed, this can be done quickly and easily.
Fly - Useful in-game because you can fly to any familiar town, STAB
Cross Poison/Sludge Bomb - Crobat's best Poison STAB
Mean Look - Used for catching the wandering legendaries

Crobat's amazing speed and decent attack stats make it one of the best choices for a flying type there is. It helps with a good amount of the gyms, and Mean Look helps with catching the wandering legendaries A LOT. Crobat is also available very early on, right before the first gym.

enter image description here
Ability: Water Absorb
Nature: Brave/Naughty
Earthquake - Powerful, STAB
Strength - Needed for in-game purposes
Surf - Necessary to beat the game, STAB
Waterfall - STAB, best physical water type move that quagsire has access to

Quagsire might not be the best choice for a water type, but with one weakness and two immunities + the access to all of the HMs it can learn makes it a huge help in-game. Not only that, but it has immunities to three of Red's Pokemon, proving useful in the final battle.

enter image description here
Ability: Static
Nature: Modest/Rash/Mild
Discharge - 30% Paralysis, STAB
Thunder - Powerful, STAB
Signal Beam - Used to deal with Psychic, Grass, and Dark Types
Power Gem - Coverage

I honestly love Ampharos. It's available so early on, evolves at an early level, and has impressive stats both offensively and defensively. It also has a wide movepool which helps in all sorts of ways.

enter image description here
Ability: Synchronize
Nature: Modest/Mild
Psychic - Powerful, STAB
Shadow Ball - Coverage
Signal Beam - Coverage against dark types
Future Sight - Powerful, STAB

To be honest, espeon is my favorite eeveelution. She has a huge special attack stat and impressive speed, making her one of the best psychic types available in the game. She is also available early on (around the fourth gym)and has an advantage over lots of the gyms.

enter image description here
Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Adamant/Lonely
Fire Punch - Coverage
Outrage - Powerful, STAB, you don't really have to worry about confusion in-game considering that you can switch out after a KO
Dragon Rush/Dragon Claw - If you want to hit more often, go with Dragon Claw. If you don't care about accuracy and just want raw power, go for dragon rush. With the wide lens dragon rush's accuracy is more reliable
Aqua Tail - Coverage

Although only available late in the game and evolving late, Dragonite's balanced stats and crazy attack come in handy in the second part of the game.