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Hello there. I have been searching for a complete breeding guide for the original Gen 2 games. I am interested in chain breeding Pokemon in the original crystal and silver versions but I don't know what moves can be chain breed into other Pokemon. If somebody can perhaps point me towards a complete guide or maybe a list of moves in gen 2 that are breedable I would love that. I have read somewhere that Umbreon can be chain breed to obtain Wish as a move and this has inspired me to chain breed interesting moves into perhaps a Nidoking and Rapidash and Ninetails and Weezing and others in gen 2. I don't have a strong knowledge of breeding to do this though and was wondering if there are any experts on breeding around here I can talk to.

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Most of the mechanics are the same except the mother can't pass down egg moves and TM moves.

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Well that would depend on what Pokemon you would like to breed and what egg moves you would like on that Pokemon you can check the profiles of every Pokemon on the site and you should also check what egg group the Pokemon you want is in

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