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Guys if in a battle a POKEMON is paralyzed,its speed will be 25% of the initial speed.let's take for example a jolly mega charizard X with max speed.so,it's speed STAT is 328 at level 100.say it goes for a dragon dance.now it's speed STAT is 492.now if I paralyzed this charizard X which is at +1 speed what will be its speed STAT?I don't think it is 25% of 492.I think we should deduct 75% of 328(which is 246)from 492 and that will be its final speed STAT.which of the two is right?please help.Because the other I paralyzed a choice scarfed entei and it still outsped my skarmory which is only possible if the speed mechanics follow the second rule in my explanation above.

Oh I think I used whirlwind lol.thanks anyway.I will look into this and confirm
Dude you gotta be kiddin me.how the hell did I forget whirlwind had a negative priority lol?
Its not a problem, really. I make the same mistake a lot too. Glad I could help :)

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The first situation is how speed mechanics work in Pokemon. A simply way I calculate it is to divide by 4, but multiplying by 0.25 (25%) gives the same answer. The final speed stat of your Mega-Charizard-X should be 123.

As for the second situation, I'm assuming you're multiplying the speed stat before stat modifiers? But the way you explain it is that you completely remove the +1 speed, so even if you used this situation, the final stat would be still be the same as the last situation: 123.

Also, Pokemon such as Entei often use priority moves in competitive. In your case, I'm assuming this Entei chose the move "Extreme Speed," which will outspeed your Pokemon regardless of their speed stat unless they use a move of similar priority. More info on priority here.

No it used sacred fire.Iam 100% sure.how can I forget that animation lol?
Are you sure you didn't use a negative priority move then? Like whirlwind? The only other scenario I can think of is if your Skarmory was holding an iron ball, which Idk why it would lol.