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I heard that ev's only affect your Pokemon at level 100, so does that mean that I have to train my Pokemon to level 100 for the ev's to have affect in competitive battling? Thanks!

What you've heard about EVs is incorrect. EVs will only come into "full effect" at level 100, but they will always have a significant influence on your Pokemon's stats. In the stat formula, your Pokemon's EVs in each stat are divided by 4 and multiplied by your Pokemon's level, which means the higher your Pokemon gets in level, the larger the impact EVs will have. Since level 100 is the highest level, it is the level where EVs add the most stat points. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Statistic#In_Generation_III_onward
And yes, if you're at all interested in competitive battling, dedicated EV training is an absolute must.

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You should definitely EV train your Pokemon for competitive battling. While it may seem to take long and it be pointless, it can boost two of your stats by at least 63 points each(at level 100), if you max out your stats, which can really make a difference. Also, EV training has an effect on your Pokemons stats, but you can really see a huge difference at atleast level 40-ish.
- Mega Pikazard X