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I HATE the way hydriegon looks like,BUT I realy like the way zwielous looks so I want to know: Is a eviolite staller zwielous viable?

Not likely, and no one cares how Pokemon look, it matter which has better stats and movepool
peoples opions differ you know i care about looks as well
I think he means that in competitive play looks don't matter, only stats and movepools and such.
thank you steelpiplup.
Really depends on the format. In OU/Battle Spot/VGC, definitely not.
You don't like Hydreigons appearance? WHAT ARE YOU!!?
I meant in my question:i HATE the way hydriegons battle sprite looks.

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Feast your eyes on the most terrifying set of all time... something even Mega Rayquaza fears... IT'S EVIOLITE STALLER ZWEILOUS!!

What Is This (Zweilous) @ Eviolite
Ability: Hustle
EVs: 248 HP / 8 SpA / 252 SpD
Calm Nature
- Toxic
- Rest
- Sleep Talk
- Dragon Pulse
248 HP EVs, 252 SpD EVs and a Calm Nature maximize Zweilous's Special Defense, and the rest are put into Special Attack. Toxic is the primary way Zweilous will be wearing down a foe. Rest/Sleep Talk is its only form of recovery. Dragon Pulse stops it from being complete Taunt bait. (I know it's Attack is higher than its Special Attack, but its physical moves are inaccurate and we don't want to combine inaccuracy with Hustle.)

The worst thing about this set is Hustle, which is Zweilous's only ability... it does nothing to assist the stalling and makes moves inaccurate without any positive side effect ;-;

If you use this in any tier higher than RU, or in VGC, Battle Spot or basically any format that allows good Pokemon to participate... well, Zweilous is going to get stomped flat, incinerated, blown to smithereens. But in the lower Smogon tiers... maybe it could work?

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Mega-roserade,I will give you BA if nobody ansewers by tommorrow.
Thank you :D