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I got this from a Steam Siege 10-pack. It is an Azumarill, and I am pretty sure it's shiny, because it's gold and there's sparkles around it. In the corner, there are TWO types, Fairy and Water, which I have never seen before. The background is half blue half pink. The card itself is not holo. What is this?


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It is not a Break.
Can you post a picture of it?
I don't know how, but Google "shiny azumarill card" and the first picture that pops up is it.

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It's uncommon, indicated by the little diamond in the lower right-hand corner.


A circle means common, diamond means uncommon, star means rare, and a silver star means very rare.
Here is a list of all Steam Siege dual-type cards, including Shiftry, Volcarona, Volcanion, Galvantula, Bisharp, Mega Steelix EX, and Mega Gardevoir EX.

Also I want to say that that card looks awesome af.

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It doesn't look awesome if it's fairy type.
I figured the combined awesomeness of being a Water-type, being a bunny, being an Easter egg, and being Shiny justified that one flaw. Might just be me though.
Though the card may be a common it is still a shiny as it is gold instead of blue like normal Azumarills so yeah.
In the TCG, shiny cards aren't always rare.