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I'm trying to get an Adamant Heracross for my competitive team, but to get that I need an Adamant Pokemon with synchronize and adamant nature. So I used Abra. Unfortunately I had no adamant Abra, so I needed to breed one. I had an Adamant trevenant, who is in the grass and amorphous egg group, so I gave it an everstone and bred it with a cacnea, who is in the grass and human egg group. Once I had my adamant cacnea, I gave IT an everstone and TRIED to breed it with one of my Abra, but it didn't work. They're both in the human egg group. They're different genders, but they'd rather play with other Pokemon than each other...

What am I doing wrong, trevenant bred with cacnea, so why can't Abra. Is it because cacnea's only has human as a secondary egg group? I just don't get it!

Forgive me for asking, but why do you need a Pokemon with Synchronize? Can't you just breed a female Heracross with a male compatible Pokemon that has an Adamant nature holding an Everstone?
That's what OP is trying to do, in a round-about way.  They are breeding an Adamant Abra to use to encounter while Pokemon, presumably a Heracross, for their breeding project.  It's a project within a project.
@PhailRaptor Thank you, I forgot about Synchronize's outside-of-battle effects.

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You must be doing something wrong. Can you take a screenshot with your phone or something? I would guess you are using the same gender, even though you said you are sure they are different genders. That is literally the only reason they won't breed.

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Whoops, you're right, of course I figured this out about 5 minutes after I posted this.  Wow I'm an idiot.  The only reason I said they were diffent is because I grabbed a random Abra out of my box, and I KNEW my cacnea was female, and there was a 75% chance of my Abra being male...

I really should double check my intelligence before I ask on thee internet.