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So, a while ago I transferred two shiny Abra's from Go to Let's Go Eevee, and later to Home.

Now that Isle of Armour has been released, I transferred my Abra's over. I evolved one.

However, in my pokedex, it says I never had an Abra, despite the other being in my box. I know this could be fixed by catching another, but is there a why?

I should note it also doesn't show the shiny abra under the different forms, either.

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It appears as if there is a glitch that people are experiencing that is the same to what you are dealing with; Pokémon transferred from Pokémon Home aren't registering in the Pokedex.

In order to solve this, the you must place the transferred Pokémon into the daycare, and take it out. Despite it being a very odd method, it appears to work, and causes the Pokémon to be registered as caught.

Due to it being fixed by going to the daycare, as stated, it appears as if a bug was made by Game Freak, when it came to registering the Pokémon in the Dex.

I Hope I Helped!

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