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I'm participating in the Tournament in SwSh in Wyndon (?) And whenever I switch in my shiny Inteleon, the shiny sparkles take a solid 5 seconds before playing, almost like that annoying lag in online battles. Except, I'm not connected to wifi. And this hasn't happened with my shiny Ninetales. Only Inteleon.

Physical copy, and on the second gen Nintendo Switch I believe. None of the Pokemon in my party are hacked-- all were legitly obtained. My switch is not hacked, so there isn't any hacked coding, items, or software in the save. I did record a video, but my youtube app has been taking its time, so I might experiment with this more and upload a few clips later. From what I gathered so far:

-If a shiny is in the first slot of my party and sent out when a battle begins, there's no lag.

-When I switch my Pokemon, the sparkles take their sweet time thinking about shining or not

-This was in Gym Battles in the stadium.

-This doesn't happen for wild encounters (i havent tried trainers yet)

-This happens every time.

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What Switch console are you on? Switch or Switch Lite? The Switch Lite isn't as powerful as regular Nintendo Switch because it uses weak hardware and sometimes the games may be lagging. It could be some issue with your SwSh copy, Did you buy physically or digital?
Physical, Nintendo Switch. It was the second version/update of the console.
What you could do is try powering off and powering on your switch. It is possible that your switch's internal memory could be overloaded. You should do this at least once a week so everything turns off and resets. It could also be because you are using a physical game cartridge. Data for the game is on the cartridge while saves are on the switch itself so the switch is reading from the cartridge and may take some time to process.
From what I probably can calculate it’s was the same when I got my shiny Melmetal but probably it’s  calculating to give it a star sparkle or a square sparkle.
@TY™️, have you done as @Selective has suggested and/or uploaded the videos to YT yet? I will research this if you are still having this issue despite what others have suggested.
Sorry, i didnt get the update for this post until your comment

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This is very likely to happen, and has happened to me before in different situations and places. In short, Wyndon Stadium is a very laggy place. There are a lot of 3d models, (the fans) in the background. There are many different effects and colors, (don't really know how else to describe it) that are everywhere in this stadium.

It doesn't just happen here, you are probably aware that Sandstorm makes the game lag really badly. Especially in the Gym Battle against Raihan, where there are 4 Pokemon on the field at once.

Sword and Shield are prone to lag, I have 400 hours in the game, I know. If you are doing the Galarian Star Tournament, then I can assure you, the shiny sparkles are lagging because of lag. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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