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I'm not just talking about the main series games, the side games like PMD count too.

just PMD or pokemon main games as well?
I think it's a Zapdos or something, but I'm too lazy to look it up
Does the Mew glitch in RBY count?
what about Entei or Raikou?
Does trading or hacking count?
The main games count too (I was mainly looking for main game legends more than side game ones), and I wouldn't say glitches, trading or hacking count.

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Of all the Pokémon games I can think of, the earliest possible point you can obtain a Legendary Pokémon is in Pokkén, which is technically a side game and therefore falls under your specifications. You can use Suicune as soon as you start the game.

If Pokkén doesn't count then I can hide my answer.

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