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How do you get legendary Pokemon in Pokemon go?


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Well I know raids give you legebds . And I got my Latios from finishing a quest ir mission so I think those are your best options and theres no gayrntee you’ll get one from compleating. Quest either

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Legendary Pokemon can be obtained via 5 tier raids. The raid Pokemon change on average once a month.

There is also Special Research that users may complete, with the final reward being a legendary or Mythical. For example, "A Ripple in Time" will give you a Celebi. Some of these are events, and some have to be paid for. However, there is a few containing Mew, Meltan and Celebi that are free to all trainers.

In the past, the breakthrough reward was a Legendary. The breakthrough Pokemon changes every month, and currently, (unfortunately), they do not contain legendary Pokemon. Since the Pokemon is always changing, legendary Pokemon may eventually return to the breakthrough box.

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