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Or he can get more stats but not from thoose items?
I want to know if when he can't used more of thoose items he can still improove in thoose stats.

No it does not , u have to ev train the rest , every pokemon can consume up to 10 energy drink  in each stat i think !

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It means they have reached the maximum amount of EVs it could gain from using those items.

To clarify, those items boost/add to the EV amount that Pokemon has in that particular stat. For example, Protein, I believe, will give the Pokemon Attack EVs. However, there is a limit to how much you can boost using those items. The rest will have to be manually trained through either Super Training or regular training.
It is not their maximum stat, it is their maximum amount of EVs that can be boosted by that item.
More about EVs here: http://pokemondb.net/ev
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There is any way to know when the  pokemon reach his maximum evs?
If you know the IVs you can calculate it. Also, if you have a reset bag in super training just do this: Save. Use reset bag on Pokemon so it shows how many EVs are in each stat specifically. Reset so you get the EVs back.
Btw Stat items increase EVs by 10 to a max of 100. So basically from 0 EVs you can use 10 stat items per stat. Like, if you had 0 attack EVs you could use 10 proteins before it stopped you,