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Hello I am just barely getting into competitive pokemon battling and I need lots of help, info, and criticism from you guys if you can rate my team please? =) be it negative or positive I accept all help. I also don't have any items on any of my pokemon so if you guys can recommend those also. I know nothing about EV's also.

Ability: Sand veil

Moves:slash, Dragon Claw, Dig, Dragon rush

Name: Gyardos

Moves:Waterfall, Stone edge, Fire blast, Blizzard

Name: Haxorus
Nature: Bashful

Moves: Drgon pule, Outrage, Dragon dance, Dragon claw

Name: Tyranitar
NAture: Brave
Ability: Sand stream

Move: Earthquake, Hyper beam, Stone edge, Crunch

Name: Dragonite
Nature: Bashful
Abilty: Inner focus

Move: Hurricane, Dragon dance, Outrage, hyper beam

Name Excadrill
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Sand rush
Move: sandstorm, Drill run, Dig, Earthquake

EVs? Natures? ltems? etc.
I posted the nature on there? and like I said I know nothing about EV nor do I have any item for my pokemon.

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To be honest, your team is a collection of strong pokemon that all have the same advantages/disadvantages. Your team is very weak against ice. Your garchomp, dragonite, and haraxorus are all weak to it (the first two are x4 weak), and you don't have anything to really counter that weakness. Many of your pokemon also have the same move types, preventing them from countering opponents and serve the same purpose in your team overall as they have strong attacks.

Your Gyarados has a stong attack.
Waterfall (rather than surf because of your high attack)
Earthquake (also good with the attack and will counter electric, your nemesis)
Stone Edge
Avalanch (once again, opposed to other special attack ide moves because your attack is probably more than 2x higher than your special attack)

Your Haxorus has a lot of the same type moves and is a strong attack pokemon. It doesn't really add anything to your team. I'd replace it with a Hydreigon which has both a high special attack and a decent attack. Teach it
Dragon Pulse

Dark Pulse (an egg move!)

Tyranitar (also strong attack)
Dragon Claw
Flamethrower (although a special attack, you should have a decent special attack stat and it will help counter steel, bug, and grass)

Although stone edge has STAB, it is somewhat unreliable and I think as your gyarados now has earthquake and stone edge, you should mix up the move type.

Try to diversify your excadrills moves. Again, the moves cater to a strong attack.
Shadow Claw
Sludge Bomb

Your Garchomp does nothing that your Tyranitar can't do.
Concider a Gardevoir (as much as I love Gallade, your special attack needs more focus) Teach it
Shadow ball
Magical Leaf

I feel bad saying it, but your dragonite also does nothing your other pokemon cannot do. As the team I set up has some weakness to bug, for a last pokemon I would go with a fire pokemon. I think a Volcarona would do you well.
Bug Buzzz

While rock pokemon pose a problem to Volcarona, as a whole your team would be able to combat them with magical leaf, surf, waterfall, and earthquake.

If this response has offended you, I'm sorry, but I'm offering my best advice to help you improve your team.

Thank you ! haha finally someone has replied to my post I thought everyone would have ignored it, but thanks alot frit ima do those changes and try them out. I appreciate the help.
What is STAB
I'm happy to help.  By the way, you should convert this answer to a coment.
STAB is Same Type Attack Bonus.  It pretty much means that if a move is the same type as a pokemon, it will have a higher damage than other types.  An example I like:  
Octillary is a water type.  Surf and ice beam are both power 95 special attack moves that octillary can learn.  When attacking a pokemon in which that neither type will be super effective against (like normal), surf will do more damage because it's a water type move like octillary is  awater type pokemon.
NEVER use a 2-turn attack like fly, dig etc. because the oppenent can switch to a pokemon who resist this type attack... They are good only outside of battle.
For hydreigon don't use fly but another attack like
Hidden Power [Flying] if you want a fighting coverage.

Also I've got a better moveset for volcarona:
-Sunny day
-Flamethrower/Fire blast
-Solarbeam-1 turn attack with sunny day! and it covers volcarona's rock and water weakness.
-Hidden power ice
Hey james mills its
STAB\ S= Same
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Excadrill needs to learn hone claws