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So, Skitty and Delcatty are my favorite Pokémon (couldn't you tell from my avatar? Haha)! On my Pokémon Ruby game, I really want to get a shiny Skitty, and I found that the easiest way to do so is by Repel Trick.

According to Bulbapedia, Skitty can be encountered at Route 116 at a highest level of 8, along with Poocheyena, Zigzagoon, and Tailow. If I use a level 8 repel trick, the other Pokémon in this route, Abra, Nincada and Whismur are removed from the encounters due to them only being encountered at a highest level of 7.

If I do a repel trick using a Pokémon at level 8, what are the new encounter rates for the Pokémon I can find, most importantly Skitty?

The regular encounter rates can be found here: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Hoenn_Route_116

Please note that I am talking about the original Ruby version, not the 3ds remake, so there is no easier way to obtain a shiny Skitty in this generation!

I'm sorry... I need to applaud you on your brilliantly asked question... it's so specific... it had thought put into it beforehand... it asks a genuine question that involves thinking and not a quick google search... bless you :')
Bulbapedia says the Skitties that appear in outbreaks are level 15, so if your first Pokemon is between levels 9 and 15, you should get the full 50% chance.
I assumed that the rate would increase since I'm omitting a few pokemon from the encounters... idk though :/
Sorry I overlooked some stuff. I deleted the wrong part of my last comment. The article says there's a 28% chance of Zigzagoon and 20% chance of Taillow. They're found at three levels and two of them are below 8, so their encounter rate would (maybe) be reduced by two thirds. There's a 2% chance of Skitty. It's found at two levels and one of them is below 8, so its encounter rate would (maybe) be reduced by a half. Based on this logic, I think 1/17 of the Pokemon you get will be Skitty. (more if you use pressure or vital spirit, but I'm not sure how much more)
Is anyone gonna answer this?
I didn't answer because I wasn't sure if the ratio of level 7 Skitties and level 8 Skitties is exactly 1 to 1.
It's okay if you answer or not sumwun, I'm just talking in general. Does anyone know how to properly calculate this? Is there some kind of program that can calculate this sort of thing?

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You will have a 4% chance for Skitty, a 40% chance for Taillow, and a 56% chance for Zigzagoon.

I highly recommend that you wait for a swarm. It will give you a 50% chance of finding Skitty. You can check the in game TVs to see what swarm is appearing. They change every 24 hours, but the only thing other than Skitty that can be in a swarm in ruby is Surskit (according to Bulbapedia), so it should be really easy to get one.

Don't you have to mix records with another RSE game in order to get swarms?
No. According to Bulbapedia, it only swaps the player's outbreaks. They can still occur without mixing records.
What's the source for the first sentence of your answer?
When do swarms occur? Do I have to beat the Elite Four first?
I'm pretty sure they can occur on any day if the battery still works. By the way, I told you earlier that you get 100% Skitty if you use the repel trick during an outbreak. You didn't see that?
To clarify, in the question it was stated that the game was Ruby, not OmegaRuby. I'm not sure if that'll affect the answer.
We're aware of that. In OR, Nincada can be found at level 8. The first sentence didn't mention Nincada, so I'm pretty sure everyone here is aware that Luna is asking about Ruby.
Instead of being snappy at me for attempting to clarify something, you could've provided more information about Swarms :)
I only attempted to clarify in case someone confuses swarm battles with horde encounters.