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I have a Dragonite that appraises to the top rank for iv's with one perfect stat, and a Dragonair with two perfect stats. I'm curious if it's worth it to get more candies to evolve the Dragonair, or of I should power up the Dragonite, which also has a good moveset. Any help would be appreciated!

Depends, what CP does your Dragonair and Dragonite have?
The Dragonite is 900 and the Dragonair is 1000, and I have 52 candies. Stardust isn't an issue for me either, I have over 230k
My only concern with evolving the Dragonair is that it'll learn hyper beam instead of dragon pulse or claw. Here's more about each Pokemon:

Cp: 878
Attacks: steel wing, dragon pulse
Perfect IV is attack

Cp: 1029
Attacks: dragon breath, wrap
Perfect IV's are attack and defense

Thank you so much for the help! Dratini are so rare for me that I can't risk screwing it up haha
Wow... that is a big desision now that you mentioned the movesets. I can't make your desiscions for you but if you ask me, we all have to take a leap of faith. BTW is the new buddy system working out for you? Maybe it will help you get more dratini candies if evolving fails.
The Buddy system is working well, I have too many options for it though haha. I'll continue to connect dratini candy and see how evolving goes, thank you for the help!

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So according to your comment the CP of your Pokemon is:
-Dragonite: 900
-Dragonair: 1,000
And your dragonair has more perfect IV stats than your dragonite.

Then this should be easy then. If your Dragonair has more CP and better IVs, then it beats Dragonite pretty easily. If you evolve Dragonair, it will still be powered up so you wouldn't need to power-up your other Dragonite, so you will have both 2 perfect IVs and a high CP dragonite.

However, I suggest waiting because remember, you might find stronger Dragonite/Dragonair/Dratini while searching for Pokemon. Also, I notice Pokemon with higher CP gain more CP evolving, so I also suggest that you power up your Dragonair befrore evolving. If your still hesitant, then tell me the moveset of both of the Pokemon and which IVs are perfect.

Source: Experience

BTW I really hope you didn't mix their CP by accident. Other than that, hope I helped! If not, I'm sorry.

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