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Is it possible that this Pokemon has any relation to Alola (Gen 7)'s Crabrawler? I know crawdaunt is a lobster/crayfish and Crabrawler is a crab, but something about them seems similar.

Well they're both arthropods…
I'd say Crabrawler is the Alolan form of Crawdaunt.

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  • Based off of similar animals

Crayfish and crabs are both arthropods which live near water

  • Both look like they have a fighting prowess

Crabrawler looks it could fight with those boxing gloves, while Crawdaunt gives off an intimidating appearance with its big pincers and wide eyes

  • Similar designs

Stand upright on legs with two pincers in the air like hands

  • Similarly structured names

Prefix is Cra; suffix pertains to their typing:
Brawler is a take on "brawl", which is defined as a noisy fight, hence the Fighting type
Daunt is defined as making someone feel intimidated, a characteristic of Dark types

Even with all of this, there isn't really anything to show that they are directly related in any way; more likely they coincidentally ended up being similar, like Arcanine and Entei, who are both Fire types, have a dog-like appearance and have similar stats but don't have any connection.

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They could very well be, but from a biological standpoint, Crabrawler is based on a Coconut Crab, which is more closely related to hermit crabs (like Dwebble and Crustle), so I'd say it's less Crawdaunt, more Dwebble.

well yeah, they could be cousins or distant relatives due to the crab like features. also they all look different due to the environments they live in