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Im trying to say like Magicarp that evovles to Gyrandos
Feebas evolves into Miltoic

what others from the regions are like this that are fish

I wanna say Finneon and Lumineon in generation 4, but then Idk about generation 2. Gen 2 had a lot of one off fish pokemon, like Mantine and Qwilfish etc, but those dont count I guess. Gen 5 had Basculin, and Idek about the rest.
If you mean fish Pokemon with base stat totals of 200 that evolve into serpent Pokemon with base stat totals of 540, the only ones are Magikarp and Feebas. By the way, Magikarp and Feebas are both native to multiple regions, so they aren't really "regional".

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It really depends on what you mean by "regional fish Pokemon". Some generations have multiple Pokemon based on a fish, and I would argue that Goldeen/Seaking (for example) are even more the regional fish Pokemon than Magikarp/Gyarados.

Here are all the Pokemon that are clearly based on fish. I have only included Pokemon that follow the standard fish body type, so there will be no Skrelp or anything here, although they can be argued to be a kind-of fish. The one in Bold is the evolution line I consider to most be the "regional fish Pokemon."

Generation I

  • Goldeen --> Seaking
  • Magikarp --> Gyarados

Generation II

  • Chinchou --> Lanturn
  • Qwilfish
  • Remoraid --> Octillery

Generation III

  • Carvanha --> Sharpedo
  • Barboach --> Whiscash (I didn't consider this to be the regional fish, simply because I find them completely forgettable)
  • Feebas --> Milotic (Since Miltoic is not really a fish, I again didn't consider it to be the best regional fish Pokemon)
  • Huntail/Gorebyss
  • Luvdisc

Generation IV

  • Finneon --> Lumineon

Generation V

  • Basculin
  • Alomomola

Generation VI

Kalos doesn't really have one (Skrelp/Dragalge are probably the closest).

Source: Just looked over the National Dex.

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The main reason I never forget Whiscash is because, in Platinum, I beat Volkner with a level 50 Whiscash by spamming earthquake.
Corsola is not a fish
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