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remember my "save file corruption" in pearl? sceptile forgot to answer one of my questions. which is what will happen if I save once more. I found out by myself and I noticed "Sceptile is a liar! I don't need to clear my cashe or reset my file, all I need to do is save and its gone!" but back to the main topic. I just got back from my church during a thunder storm. when I got on my 3ds and got past the "Yveltal press ok" screen, a red screen came and it said something about my global account. I think it has something to do with the volcanion event coming up. I am pretty worried because my 3ds is half inflected by the lumiose save glitch. and I pressed "ok." I got very excited. but I was keeping track of how long and it's been loading for an hour and 14 minutes. so whats gonna happen?

EDIT: its been an hour now. yet still no answers. sorry to be impatient.

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never happened to me.
Nothing like that should go for an hour so it's probably broken oops.
You sure it's not a fake game card or an emulator?
i got it in walmart in june.

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You don't just might not have the lumiose save glitch; you either you have it, or you don't. There is no half. In your case, since you've probably seen it, then you're probably infected with it. The Nintendo eShop released an update to fix it awhile ago, so go download that if you haven't yet (should be somewhere along the lines of Pokemon X/Y version 1.1 patch).

I haven't received anything about the Volcanion event coming up next month (someone correct me if they have), but I doubt the red screen is tied to it. Its more likely a background with the other colors failing to load somewhere. If it is searching or loading for over a couple hours, then it is safe to assume it isn't going to load anything, reset your game, and download the 1.1 patch.

This might also be a result from cheating devices such as old things like browserHax, tubehax, or Power Saves if you have ever used these. If you've never heard of any of these, then don't worry about them.

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Is that a thinly-veiled Yoda quote in the first sentence…
unown, but sometimes my 3ds won't respond to when i press  Y or is it the X button? i forgot. anyways i never cheated or used powersaves. (I have pokebank but i won't pay  a pass.)
If it is I didn't notice @Astronautical lol. I was struggling to phrase it tbh.

@Palkia If the screen was just loading, then none of the buttons should've been working except maybe B to cancel it.
A better way to word that might be: "Your DS can't be half-infected with the lumiose save glitch" if you care enough to edit it.