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Pokemondb says that Stunfisk's height is 2'4", which means it should be just about as tall as a short person's waistline. That is assuming that 2'4" is actually Stunfisk's height and not its length. So why does it look paper thin in the game?

The listed dimensions in the Pokedex are incredibly ambiguous.  In this instance, it likely means the length from the tip of it's chin to the end of it's tail, though it could also mean it's "wingspan" from fin tip to fin tip.

Additionally, the Pokedex height and weight stats also seem to be a per species average.  So while the average measurement for a Stunfisk might be 2'4", some could be 3' while others might be 1'10".
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The "height" in the PokéDex does not alway refer to a Pokémon's height. I'm sure you've heard of the Furret meme:


If the PokéDex went purely based on height, then Furret is a humungous 6-foot-monster rodent. However, in Furret's case, this 5'11" refers to its length. This applies to other serpentine Pokémon like Arbok, Seviper, Serperior, and Huntail. Because Lucario is humanoid, 3'11" is his actual height. This applies to other Pokémon like Blaziken and Machoke.

In the case of Stunfisk, he's flat because he's 2'4" long, not 2'4" tall.

Source: Have wondered this myself about different Pokémon.

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So then it really is length... that's so deceptive. Thanks for the explanation, and the cute picture though. ^_^ I'd actually never heard of the Furret meme before this.