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A Stunfisk in the sand with:

Sand Veil
Swagger ( for confusing )
and Thunder wave

I want to troll on WIFI with this derp. <3

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You seem like a Troll.
Occasionally I see trolls on WIFI, like one with a Garchomp with a set like this. I decided to do this for fun after looking up Stunfisks' moveset on Bulbapedia. I don't do this all the time though.

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Well, Sand Veil raises your evasion by 20%, and Brightpowder raises evasion by 10%. In the end, a 100 accuracy attack becomes 72 accuracy.
First you have to multiply 100 by 0.2 to get 80%. Then multiply 80 by 0.1 to get 8. Subtract 8 from 80. Answer: 72%
When the opponent is swaggered and paralyzed, its accuracy is only 33%


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you forgot to add the chances for you to get fully paralyzed and hitting yourself in confusion
Aww... Really? Better edit now... Thanks :) Btw, you meant for you to get hit after the opponent was paralyzed+swaggered.
Is that better? I sure hope so!!!
Woah, He is gonna be such the troll on WIFI. x) Thank you so much!
Your welcome! :)
that is very confusing
plus attract
and a 30 % flinch chance from something?