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I mean moves like will-o-wisp (and I know fire is super effective on shedninja I'm just using it as a example) because that can make the battle frontier much easier. Also I am playing in fourth gen.

entry hazards will hit it

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>Wonder Guard does not affect moves that do not do damage, such as Tail Whip or Poison Powder. It does not prevent any indirect damage, such as from a burn or poison, weather, recoil damage, or entry hazards.


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[1]: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Wonder_Guard_(Ability)#In_battle

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So moves like toxic will hit it anyway?

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Yes now I can get around shedninja with a pokemon that can learn moves like toxic.
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Generally, Wonder Guard has not changed over the last few generations. Status moves, such as Will o' Wisp, or even Thunder Wave, will hit it. Wonder Guard only prevents damage from direct attacks unless super-effective. This would only apply to direct damage-dealing moves, such as Iron Head or Flamethrower. Of those two, only Flamethrower would hit because it's super-effective. However, Toxic would hit as well, even though it's not super effective, but it's a status category move.
More details can be found at http://pokemondb.net/ability/wonder-guard