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fire deals 4x damage to bug/steel. water does 4x damage to fire/ground. is there a type that doesn't have that?(besides dragon)

Electric attacks deal regular damage to normal fire Pokemon. Is that what you're asking for?
electric attacks do 4x damage to water/flying types. so what I'm asking is is there a type that doesn't do 4x damage to at least one existing dual type besides dragon.

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Any type that's super effective against less than two different types is trivially incapable of meeting this requirement, which snags Normal (0) and Dragon (1). Otherwise, the only way a type can meet this requirement is if, for all the types it's super effective against, none of them are capable of permuting into a combo that's actually used on at least one Pokemon. And as it turns out...
Fighting: Sneasel
Flying: Paras
Bug: Exeggcute
Ground: Magcargo
Rock: Charizard
Ghost: Hoopa
Poison: Whimsicott
Fire: Paras
Water: Geodude
Ice: Dragonite
Electric: Gyarados
Grass: Geodude
Psychic: Croagunk
Steel: Amaura
Dark: Hoopa
Fairy: Scraggy

...so no, clearly none of those are in a position where the only type combos they would be able to hit for double weaknesses are all completely unused.

Even Normal and Dragon can hit a double weakness, but only if you happen to be playing an Inverse battle: then you could simply use Aron or Mawile respectively.

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