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Could Hold A Item To Evolve


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Seadra > Kingdra (holding a Dragon Scale)
Onix > Steelix (holding a Metal Coat)
Magmar > Magmortar (holding a Magmarizer)
Feebas > Milotic (holding a Prism Scale)
Clamperl > Gorebyss/Huntail (holding a Deepseascale or Deepseatooth)
Boldore > Gigalith
Karrablast > Escavalier (trade with Shelmet)
Shelmet > Accelgor (trade with Karrablast)
Slowpoke > Slowking (holding a Kings Rock)
Poliwhirl > Politoed (holding a Kings Rock)
Gurrdurr > Conkelldur

These are all of the Pokémon I could find. Hope I helped!

Sources: Trade evos and Unobtainable Pokémon

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Since you specifically state "Black 2" this does not include the Pokemon that are exclusive to White 2 (Electabuzz is the only one that fits this). Also it does not include Pokemon found in the post-game. This is because in the post-game you have the National Dex, and so can theoretically get any Pokemon at all.

  • Magmar: Evolves into Magmortar when traded holding the Magmarizer.
  • Boldore: Evolves into Gigalith when traded.
  • Onix: Evolves into Steelix when traded holding the Metal Coat.
  • Gurdurr: Evolves into Conkeldurr when traded.
  • Karrablast: Evolves into Escavalier when traded with Shelmet.
  • Shelmet: Evolves into Accelgor when traded with Karrablast.

As far as I can tell, that is it.