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At first I thought it just was a speculative belief that you should keep the pokeball pressed while catching when my little brother always tells me (him being young and believing everything he watches on Youtube). However, I was on Bulbapedia and saw in the sponsored video of saying that you should do that. Since it was in Bulbapedia I want to know if it's true or not.

Explain, please?
I think he means if you press your finger on the Poké Ball while it wiggles you'll have a higher chance of catching it.
Yeah I meant what astronautical said.
oh ok i didnt notice.  this isnt the only time i made this mistake

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Think about it.
It's a video game, and while there is finger sensing tech out there, it wouldn't likely be used. The catch rate is based on the rarity, CP, pokéball, and bonus from the new update.
I once thought that using my finger to spin the circle that spins on a loading screen speeds it up. Nope.

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