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yes I know. I asked a question not long ago. but 2 things were on my "to ask list" ok? so as you know from the title, I have a hoopa and the last gym leader I beat was winona. so that means Pokemon up to lvl 80 should listen to me but hoopa is a lvl 76. but it still won't obey me. what happened? also the reason "obey" is not in my tags is because there is a glitch where if I click obey it will say it doesn't exist. I will post this in meta.

EDIT: I already posted it in meta.


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Beating Winona means that Pokemon up to Lvl 70, not 80, will obey you. Your Hoopa will obey you when you beat the next Gym Leaders, Tate and Liza.

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ok thanks. also i already knew before i even saw your answer come up but it still is the best answer so yeah.