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I defeated Roark and Kadabra is lvl 17.So why?

Kadabra most likely believes its intellect is vastly superior to yours and is starting to rebel against the primitive idea of being locked in a poke ball and used to fight like a caged beast.
It has begun! The Pokemon are starting their rebellion!
(jokes apart, though, in what way does it disobey you?)
Team Plasma's Kadabra rawr

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The reason why it doesn't listen to you is because in Platinum you need to have 2 gym badges for any other persons Pokemon to obey you only up to level 30

Source http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Badge

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If the Pokemon was traded it may not obey you until you have the next badge. I experienced this glitch in alpha saphire. Im sure next gym it will obey you then. It must be a glitch or maybe if traded the last trainer could have hacked it in.

Hope I helped and answered your question :)

Thanks except the last part can't be true.I got it from someone who was in the game in Oreburgh,not a real human.