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How do I find mold breaker Basculin in X? I've run through 40 encounters on route 15 and all I got was reckless and adaptability. Also, I've been hunting red stripes with the super rod.


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Mold Breaker is Basculin's Hidden Ability. This means that you are not able to encounter one with it in the wild and instead must acquire it through specific circumstances:

  • A Basculin encountered in a horde (if it is possible) may have its Hidden Ability.
  • A Pokemon encountered in the Friend Safari has a 1/3 chance of having a Hidden Ability.
  • Any Pokemon received through Global Link will always have its Hidden Ability (this may not be relevant to the situation, however).
  • Breeding. However, in order to breed a Pokemon with its Hidden Ability, you must already have the desired Pokemon with its Hidden Ability so this is kind of useless.
  • Trading. Try to find someone, either nearby or on the GTS, that has a Basculin with Mold Breaker. Don't worry about the IVs, Nature, etc as you can always breed another once you've acquired it.

Source: Experience and http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Ability

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Mold Breaker is Basculin's hidden ability, so you cannot find one with the ability in the wild outside of the Friend Safari or in a Horde battle. Basculin is unobtainable in hordes and the Friend Safari, so the only way you can get a hidden ability Basculin would be by trading it up from a Gen 5 game.

Source: Looking around on Serebii for Basculin and experience with HA's