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Apparently, the female form of Pyroar has... Long hair...
Instead of a shorter mane or maybe a tuft of hair like Litleo. I just find it very bizarre. What could this mean? Why does she look this way? It's very strange and kinda creepy!

I can only assume it was to allow the female to make use of the same motion fire graphic effect that the male has on its mane.  As it happens, there is also no other way of knowing that a female Pyroar is in fact a fire type from looking at it.  That's not really a concrete thing for all Pokemon, but it's generally good design for the appearance to at least clue you in the right direction for typing.
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Well, in reality, male lions have round manes, like Male Pyroar. Female lions don't have manes like that, and longer hair is usually a much more feminine feature in characters. Perhaps Nintendo did it to make Female Pyroar look more feminine and less like a larger version of their pre-evolved form.

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It doesn't have any meaning. It's just a design choice. Just as Greninja having a tounge for a scarf is a design choice, and Meganium having a flower growing around its neck is a design choice. It doesn't matter if it looks weird. In the end it's a design choice and means nothing.

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this is to reflect their real life counterparts. Male lions have a big mane to reflect a moustache or beard for claiming territory and intimidating prey. Females have sleeker bodies and no mane to allowing them to hunt by moves fast attacking
Source(s): Lion King 1, Quora

This and the others are good answers. :)