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I HATE the final evolution design. I really like cats, and I am seriously debating not picking Litten.

You lose out on the Dark typing, as well as Darkest Lariat, and get stuck with middle-evo stats which are typically bad.
Also you would miss out on the coolest design in the game.
no, its ugly.
I can't believe people are doing this just because they dont like the pokemon's design. What is happening to the fanbase *facepalm*

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It's never a good idea to keep your starter at the middle form. It's stats will not get stronger, so it will become hard-to-use in-game as the difficulty increases. You will also miss out on the dark-typing and Darkest Lariat like Flamey said. So if you make this decision you're going to have a very hard time playing your game. But it's your decision of course. But here's some options.

  1. Have it hold an eviolite. It will raise both your defense stats, but it does nothing to any of the other stats, so it's not going to be a very good attacker or very fast like Incineroar might be.

  2. Choose a different starter. Why would you choose Litten if you're going to be disappointed with it's final design? It's not worth choosing otherwise and you'd waste a starter if you don't evolve it. There's other fire-types to choose from, if that's what you need. And if you still want a Torracat, you can always get one through trade.

Otherwise, keeping Torracat unevolved might cause you some problems.

Also, I wouldn't judge a book by its cover. You could be missing out on a great Pokemon. ;) you decide.

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I think the only good things that would come from not evolving any further than Torracat would be that you can use an Eviolite on it, which may make it bulkier than Incineroar, but that's currently unknown because the base stats of the starters have not been revealed yet. You'd also probably learn certain moves faster if you don't evolve it, but it's probably only faster by a level or two so that isn't very important in my opinion.

If you didn't evolve your Torracat, you'd miss out on the Dark typing and Incineroar's signature move, Darkest Lariat. Incineroar will also probably have higher stats than Torracat, so you'd be missing out on that too. Incineroar will also probably learn more TM moves than Torracat as well.

Hope I helped!

Hmm. I'm getting both games, so i could probably keep it at Torracat on Sun (the one i'll be mainly using) and evolve it on Moon.