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I've been seeing many people abandoning their starter in the pc, either because they find it weak or just to get some other Pokemon. I personally have never run into any problems like this (competitive or in-game), but competitively, are most starters good enough?

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Competitive and in-game are two completely different things really, especially since a lot of the good starters are only good competitively  for their Hidden Abilities (Blaziken, Serperior etc) that you don't get on starters in-game. Most starters are pretty good and are generally some of the best options for in-game playthroughs, though.

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Ingame wise, the starters is an indifferent bunch. You survive without them but they can be a great help. Overall you can clear the games with anything by over levelling, but the starters can be nice to have because they really aren't useless.
Competitively, the starters stand on very different ends of the spectrum. We have Blaziken and Greninja who dominate normal play, but also Meganium and Samurott who are worse than a tomato for fending of hungry bears. However, no starters should be used in competitive battles.

"But Uncle Flafpert, you just said Blaiken and Greninja were really good you

Yes, they are good, under perfect conditions. Both Blaziken and Gerninja need their Hidden Abilities to function, and they all need IVs, Natures and Egg moves to properly function, even Samurott and Meganium. And the starters you receive ingame lack all of these. They are random blokes, imperfect specimens, bad Pokemon, the whole bunch. Sure you might get really lucky and get a Charizard with 6 perfect IVs and golden talons and its own luxury yacht, but this is insanely rare. In all cases it will be easier and better to breed your starters to get Pokemon that can be used in competitive play, where you can plan ahead and make them the way you want (you are the Arceus now).

So in short, stick with them for breeding purposes but don't use your starters in competitive battles (unless you get really lucky and strike a good one).

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I'm an old man, I don't have all that auto-correct faff so there will always be some spelling errors :P
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I think starters are great to keep. For me, I keep my starters until they reach level 100. Some people abandon them because they encounter other Pokemon that they like. But, starters can help you catch lots of Pokemon with a various source of moves. They were your first Pokemon and they should mean the most to you. Also, it helps you catch a lot of Pokemon (legendaries, myths, etc.) and help you win a lot of badges. ORAS also has megas for their starters - something you might enjoy

Hope I helped! :)

Most of the things you just listed can be done with any other Pokémon. I presonally love Dustox more than any Charizard, and I could totally use a Torkoal to catch Legendaries instead of my Empoleon.
But, your starter is really strong and it leads you to catch these pokemon
There ar estronger Pokémon than starters, you can use them as metaphorical stepping stones. e.g. Keeping Piplup until I catch Buizel, then replacing her.
I dont get what you guys have against starters...? Some of these starters are really good in competitive play, especially Blaziken, which i believe was the first non-legendary (or Wobuffet) to get into ubers. They're also great in-game!

@Astronautical: Buizel isn't exactly a better choice than Piplup..
^ This is a metaphorical Buizel :P

And I have nothing against starters, Greninja, Blaziken and co. are all great in competitive play. The catch is that this question is geared towards in-game, where Speed Boost. Protean, Chlorophyll, etc. aren't available. I don't like to ditch my starters, but I'm just saying there are technically stronger Pokémon in the game.
But but but the Kanto starters you get (assuming this is xy) have a mega evolution stone, which is great :P

Wait a minute, there is a tag that says competitive?
I'm confused? This seems more like a question tagged in-game...
Sorry about that, this is for both. I don't play the main game anymore but i just use my team because they're the only pokemon i have that are lv50+ so i use them for legendaries. This is for battling with other people though, i was wondering if i should keep my starter and battle, or find a new pokemon to train up