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I've been playing this game recently. It's been a good 3 years since I last played, and I honestly never beat it. I finished the main story mode, but I'm stuck on the Wigglytuff Guild Battle. I've seen people saying X-Eye Seeds or Slumber Seeds work, as well as many Reviver Seeds. The only problem is, I have none of those, and the Kecleon Shop isn't providing them.

This question is in 2 parts:
1. Is there an order I should prioritize the Guild members to make the battle easier?
2. How can I refresh the shop? Can I visit a dungeon for the day, then try again the following day?

My duo is:
Bulbasaur, Level 47 with Energy Ball, Razor Leaf, Synthesis and Seed Bomb.
Torchic, Level 47 with Dig, Quick Attack, Mirror Move and Flamethrower


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If your chosen Guild members are weaker than your Duo I recommend you place them between your Duo for Coverage incase they get in a stick situation, however if they are higher-leveled with stronger moves I recommend you place them on the ends of the "line" because your Duo know long range moves for Assistance anyway. But REALLY there is no "specific order" because it is going to get mixed up anyway, unless you're a neat freak.
Regarding the shop I think it is you beat a Longer Dungeon, Sleep then it will be refreshed.
Forgive me if this has mistakes I haven't played PMD Darkness in 8 years.

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Thanks anyway, I managed to beat it with some Reviver Seeds and X-Eye Seeds on hand
Good, I am glad you did what you had to do. I booted up my copy of PMD just today and had a flood of memories. What a game, What a time to live.
If you can't beat it no matter how hard you try you could reset and make yourself a pikachu as it can get dig which helps against the legendary pokemon for diamond (I forgot how to spell its name) and can learn discharge which hits all enemies. (I know because I have beaten the main story and the after story being a pikachu).
Also you can beat any dungeon and the shop will refresh and I know because I have beaten Beach Cave and before I did I checked the shop and after my team slept and woke up I checked the shop again and the items were different.
Personally for the future people on this question, I'd recommend throwing an X-Eye/Totter/Sleep Seed at Wigglytuff and then proceeding to knock out the rest of the members based on what type is most deadly to you. For example, if you have a fire type in your duo, I'd recommend targeting dugtrio and diglett first because their earth power will eat up your revives fast, if you have them. Then take out Chatot if you haven't already, he can be a nuisance if you leave him for later.

Sorry if any of this is partially inaccurate, I've only played Sky but the battle should still be the same.
unknown letter u arent wrong im a PMD fanatic i know things ^_^ so the guild battle is same for all PMD2