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I haven't played Pokémon Sapphire in a while, and started playing again and wanted to level up my Beldum, BUT HE IS GONE!!! I knew I had him and he is not in my Pc or daycare. Where else could he be?!? Pls help!!!

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It could be you either
A) You may think you have him, but sometimes our memory plays tricks on us
B) It could of been on a different cartridge or game
C) You could of transferred
D) Someone could have released it
E) It could have been traded

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Uh, you listed it as A, B ,3.
Also you only remember that the word 'of' can't replace the word 'have' in D and F.
It's so annoying when people do that. It's like no one seems to know or understand proper grammar anymore :/
accidentally deleted the game?! i'm pretty sure he would notice that.
Thanks for showing the errors, I hope I have fixed any mistakes
Yes, but not all of them.