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So, i'm replaying through Pokemon Sapphire and i'm in Fortree City. I just battled an Kecleon with my Lombre and as I was walking through the grass, another pokémon jumped me. When my Lombre got out I noticed his hat became yellow. I checked him up in the summary and he really is white and yellow. I searched for shiny version, but shiny should be blue, not yellow. I like it like this, it's a nice change, but what is the cause of it? Tnx :)

Do you have a picture of it?
Yes, took a screenshot, but idk how to upload. New here. :)
Upload it to https://imgur.com and paste a link to it here in a comment. There’s no way to upload directly to the site.
Imgur won't work for me so i used this. :)

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That's Lombre's regular sprite in the Generation 3 games. I guess it simply looks more yellow than it's supposed to.

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But it was green before. And now it's yellow. Difference can be seen. :)
But yeah, i caught another just to see if there's any difference. It's yellow too. Still, i remember it was green before. And it looks green in the wild and other trainers teams. Maybe it's some game glitch. Anyway, thank you for answering, i guess it does looks normal now that all are yellow, hehe. :)
That might be because the front sprite is more green than the back sprite.