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So its doubles with Cresselia and Salazzle

Cresselia uses skill swap on Salazzle gaining Corrosion and Salazzle gets Levitate, cutting its 4x weakness to ground.

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Depends on the rest of your team and the format.

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hm... it's a good strategy, but what if Cresselia gets K.O.'d before you get a chance to trade abilities?
But I do agree with sumwun, it depends on the rest of your team.
For doubles, this is my team:
Toxapex(Ability: Merciless/ Moveset: Recover, Baneful Baunker, Poison Jab, Scald/ Item: Poison Barb)
Salazzle(Ability: Corrosion/ Moveset: Flamethrower, Attract, Toxic, Sludge Bomb/ Item: Charcoal)
Passimian(Ability: Receiver/ Moveset: Low Sweep, Brick Break,Brutal Swing, Substitute/ Item: Black Belt)
Oranguru(Ability: Telepathy/ Moveset: Shadow Ball, Trick Room, Psychic, Substitute/ Item: Lax Incense)
Primarina(Ability: Torrent/ Moveset: Hydro Pump, Sparkling Aria, Sing, Dazzling Gleam/ Item: Primarinum Z)
Toucannon(Ability: Skill Link/ Moveset: Drill Peck, Bullet Seed, Fly, Protect/ Item: Sharp Beak)

Toxapex+Salazzle (Salazzle poisons other Pokemon, then Toxapex gets a lot of crits due to Merciless)
Passimian+Oranguru (Oranguru uses Trick Room to increase Passimian's SPEED, Passimian can use Brutal Swing and wont harm Oranguru)
Primarina+Toucannon (Primarina uses Sing and lets Toucannon get a few hits in. Z-Move for extra power)
(Toxapex+Oranguru+Trick Room) (with the others, there really isn't a strategy, just get in a few more swings)
So yeah, it really depends on the rest of your team.

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Sure, that could work, but it might be a good idea to use something faster than Cresselia for Skill Swap; otherwise the enemy Pokemon could screw up what you're going for before you have a chance to actually set it up and do anything about it.
Your best bet would probably be to breed a male Spritzee or Aromatisse that knows Skill Swap, with a female Cutiefly or Ribombee, and get a Cutiefly egg that knows Skill Swap, then hatch and evolve it to Ribombee (it's the fastest Pokemon besides Mega Alakazam that can know it)