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Types of Pokemon

I don't think so. Alola forms often have very different appearances, different types, different abilities, different stats, different moves, and other differences, while shinies are only differently colored. Also, the encounter of an Alola Pokemon is predictable, while shinies are found randomly.

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No. Basically, they're forms like Gastrodon or perhaps Deoxys or Rotom.

This question should help: How do Alolan forms work?

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well no. the alolan forms happened because of the climates in and situations in alola. for example, the environment alolan vulpix is found in is snowy and cold, so it would be natural for this Pokemon to change it's form for survival. and alolan meowth, grimer, muk, and geodude are all on account of human intervention.
Meowth/Persian: given to the old rulers of alola. got a cocky attitude
Grimer/Muk: brought to alola to get rid of the trash and grime around the region. (now because of the cleanliness, alolan grimer/muk are becoming extinct
geodude-Golem: the environment near power plants and the types of rocks they consume (magnetic rocks)
So yeah, no relation to shiny Pokemon
hope I helped!!!