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And if they can, will the egg be Alolan or the original form?


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Alolan forms can breed with their normal forms given they are part of the same egg group (which I'm assuming they are because if they weren't that would be weird).

According to this test, all Pokemon with potential to be Alolan form will hatch into their Alolan form in Sun and Moon. Hooray for social conformity.

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Btw in the link it mentions the word 'Kantonian'. How cool does that sound.
Imagine if they were forms for the other regions.
 - Kantonian Form
 - Johtonian Form (or maybe Johtan given that 'Alolan' isn't 'Alolanian')
 - Hoennian Form[citation needed] (it could probably just be 'Hoenn Form' like how sheep is the same when it's pluralised idk)
 - Sinnohnian Form (that just looks weird)
 - Unovanian Form (THAT SOUNDS AWESOME)
 - Kalosian Form
 - Alolan Form
well that seams a little broken. Two fire type Ninetales' breed to give an ice type Vulpix? I know it's just a game and real life biology is bent a little, but that just thumbs its nose completely
Some regions I would use 'ese'
-Unovian (maybe shorten)
I think it can be attributed to that the egg is exposed to the environment that affects its biology. I'm not sure if that's how it works though lol. And I feel 'ese' would be better suited for languages. :s