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Okay I just was thinking about Ditto and I randomly thought, if you were fighting a Pokemon that's able to use a Z-move, is Ditto able to copy it? Just wondering because that'd be pretty dang cool in my opinion.

Also I don't know anything about Pokemon Sun and Moon because I haven't bought it, so this may or may not be a stupid question :^) thanks.

Do you mean, can a Ditto holding (for example) a Fightinium transform into a Pokémon that knows a Fighting move, and then use the Fighting Z-Move?
yeah, i think so.  I know nothing of the game other than what i learnt from watching two episodes of the anime XD sorry

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Ditto copies the opponents 4 moves. Z-move is not apart of those 4 moves. Z moves is activated like mega evolution where you enhance one of those moves.

I think maybe if Ditto was holding a z Crystal istelf and it copied and opponents move that matched the crystal, then it could use a Z-move, but it can't copy a Z-move.

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I know this is like 4 years old but I didn't know how to best answer back then I'm so sorry