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The only ones I know are Gengar, Pelipper, and Torkoal.


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Gengar: Levitate ---> Cursed Body
Raikou: Volt Absorb ---> Inner Focus
Entei: Flash Fire ---> Inner Focus
Suicune: Water Absorb ---> Inner Focus
Wingull: Adds Hydration
Pelipper: Adds Drizzle
Torkoal: Adds Drought
Roggenrola: Adds Weak Armor
Boldore: Adds Weak Armor
Gigalith: Adds Sand Stream
Vanillite: Adds Snow Cloak
Vanillish: Adds Snow Cloak
Vanilluxe: Adds Snow Warning
Cubchoo: Adds Slush Rush
Beartic: Adds Slush Rush

This list along with the other abilities of Pokemon can be found on Serebii here

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Gen II dogs not yet released with their HA's, and now we'll never know if they were any good... ;(