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I just started a Pokémon Platinum nuzlocke and I have an Eevee but I don't know if I need to eveolve it to leafeon or keep my roselia so it can be later a Roserade.

Roserade has less weaknesses, so use that if you didn't pick Turtwig.
Roserade is a monster. I used a Leafeon in a Platinum locke and it was okay, but your only reliable attacks are Dig, Bite, Bullet Seed/Razor Leaf and Giga Drain. It's good at staying alive though.
Leafeon can learn leaf blade by level in Platinum, and leaf blade is better than all those moves. Why didn't you use leaf blade?
Because it learns Leaf Blade at level 71.

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It is true Roserade has less weaknesses, so that could be helpful, plus it's dual typing so it can learn a larger variety of moves than Leafeon. Though Roserade has higher special attack and defense stats, and Leafeon has higher attack and defense stats. If I were you, I'd choose Roserade.